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Duke Memorial Methodist Church. 
Church Directory and Yearbook, 




Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 

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504 W. Chapel Hill Street 
Durham, N. C. 

Warren B. Petteway, Minister 
W. Warren Bishop, Associate Minister 

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Directory off the Church Staff 

Minister Rev. Warren B. Petteway 

Associate Minister Rev. W. Warren Bishop 

Treasurer Mr. R. Bailey Reade 

Financial Secretary Mrs. Bernard P. Overton 

Office Secretary Mrs. John W. May 

Director of Church Music Mrs. Charles Sullivan 

Organist Mrs. Leland Phelps 

Chimer Mr. J. V. Hoyle 

Church Hostess Mrs. A. S. Linthicum 

Church Sexton Mr. Thomas E. Beard 

Janitor Mr. Sidney F. Gunn 

Church Maid Mrs. Nonie McNair 

Chairman Official Board Dr. John Glasson 

Church School Superintendent Mr. W. E. Whitford 

President Woman's Society of Christian Service Mrs. A. H. Borland 

President Methodist Men Mr. S. L. Mortland 


Grateful acknowledgment is made to the many persons and organ- 
izations and classes at Duke Memorial Church whose participation and 
contributions have made this directory possible. 

The Editor's especial gratitude is expressed to the members of 
Duke Memorial Methodist Men xvhose interest in this project provided 
the incentive for this endeavor. It should be noted here that Methodist 
Men also sponsored the last previous Church Directory, published in 
August, 1961. 

The Church School classes added the encouragement needed to 
complete this project, and to them a hearty 'Thank You' goes out from 
the Committee. 

In order to provide current information regarding the Church 
School Staff, the membership of the Official Board and its committees, 
and the leadership of other church organizations, which changes from 
year to year, a mimeographed insert comprising this information has 
been included with this directory. The plan now is for an insert, and 
supplemental listing of new church members to be issued annually to 
complement the printed directory ivhich is published less frequently. 

The Editor 




. - 


Duke Memorial Methodist Church does not belong to us. It belongs to God. That 
is apparent when we see how it has grown from a very meager beginning into one of 
the largest churches of the North Carolina Conference. 

Many have come to pray, worship, and then make a dedication of life at "Duke 
Memorial. Because so many have come our membership totals about 2,000. 

We, who are here now, owe a great debt of appreciation to the past and an even 
greater debt of obligation to the future. Because God has been pleased to bless us, we 
must take hold of our privileges and opportunities and meet our responsibilities for the 

Duke Memorial has always been a church with a great mission, a redemptive mes- 
sage, a genuine concern for people, and a warm fellowship. For those who love God 
and desire to serve Jesus Christ as Lord, Duke Memorial has a place for you, and 
reaches out a welcoming hand to you. 

We all need one another and should stay in touch with one another. May our fel- 
lowship in Christ be deepened as we use this directory. 

Duke Memorial Historical Heritage 

Duke Memorial Methodist Church's earliest predecessor came into being on the 
first Sunday in May, 1886, when a Sunday School known as Bethany Sunday School was 
established. Its first quarters were in a spacious section of one of the Duke tobacco 
plants. There were thirty-three members, with the Rev. Amos Gregson serving as pastor 
in this informal location. 

Soon after the organization of Bethany, B. L. Duke donated to the little congrega- 
tion a lot on the corner of West Main and Gregson Streets, and on Oct. 10, 1886, a 
brick church 40 x 70 feet was occupied following the program which the mission from 
Trinity Church had begun earlier; and Bethany's name passed into history as the 
congregation of forty-four members formed the Main Street Methodist Church. Of that 
charter membership, seventeen brought their letters from Trinity Church, eighteen 
transferred from other churches and nine joined on profession of faith. 

It is interesting to note, that as of this date, that original building on the corner 
of Main and Gregson Streets still is in use, as the House of Worship for the Congre- 
gational Christian Church. The cornerstone still is there. 

Bishop Charles B. Galloway conducted the dedication service for that first building 
for what was later to become Duke Memorial Methodist Church, April 24, 1887. When 
the question of indebtedness had come up, Washington Duke, rather than have the 
congregation canvassed, gave his check to liquidate the debt, an act characteristic of 
himself and other members of his family throughout their lives. Many of the church 
members were employees of his factory The church expanded soundly and rapidly, 
and by 1889, the Sunday School had increased ten fold in membership and during that 
year, 138 members were added to the church roll, 109 of them by profession of faith. 

B. N. Duke, recognizing the need for expansion of physical facilities, gave a 40 x 20 
annex to the church. With the removal to Durham from Randolph County of Trinity 
College in 1892, another era of increased activity and membership was experienced as 
faculty and students affiliated with the church. The influx of the members from the 
institution, which was to become Duke University, led to the decision in 1906 to relocate 
the church for much needed expansion. That year, the site of the present church was 
purchased, and the following year, the cornerstone was laid. Services were held in the 
Sunday School section for a time until the Sanctuary was completed. 

The change of the location brought about the change of the church name in honor of 
the family which had contributed magnificently to its physical expansion through the 
years. Bishop John C. Kilgo preached the first sermon in the Sanctuary, June 2, 1912. 
The church membership then stood at 709 persons, with 698 on the Sunday School rolls. 
The value of the church property was listed as $141,276. The parsonage was located 
then on the site of the present parking lot. A number of years passed before it became 
necessary to make further expansion. This was done during 1929-31, with the erection 
of the present Youth Building and the excavation of the entire basement of the main 
building. In 1931, at the opening of the new building, the membership had risen to 1,432, 
the Sunday School enrollment to 1,356, and the property valuation to $501,562. 

The present church parsonage at 2000 Cedar Street was erected in 1949. In 1953, an 
extensive renovation program was carried out in the two existing church structures. 
The church was host to the N. C. Annual Conference and the parsonage debt was liqui- 
dated that year. The two buildings were air-conditioned during 1954-56, given in loving 
memory of Mrs. Gertrude Teer, a devoted member of the church for 32 years and of 
the Official Board for 14 years. 

The parking lot was established in 1955. A second parsonage was purchased in 
1959, and the Youth Building was renovated. 

During 1961-62, a study committee evaluated the physical needs and reported the 
need for additional facilities in order to more adequately serve the growing member- 
ship and program of activities. In October, 1961, on the eve of the 75th Anniversary, the 
congregation responded to the need, and voted to proceed with plans to finance and 
erect a third building. A successful Building Fund Crusade, with a $450,000 goal, was 
subscribed during 1962. Preliminary building plans were approved Nov. 4, 1962, and 

ground was broken July 14, 1963. The cornerstone was laid Oct. 13, 1963. The building 
was consecrated Aug. 23, 1964, by Bishop Paul N. Garber. The modern, three story, 
air-conditioned structure was occupied Aug. 30, 1964. 

As of this date, Duke Memorial Church stands on the threshold of the dedication 
Oj' this magnificent complement to the facilities erected primarily by those who have 
gone before the present leaders of the church. Bishop Paul N. Garber will be present 
for the dedication, Sunday, April 17, 1966. 

Duke Memorial Church, having risen to a membership of around 2,000 persons, 
with a Sunday School of 1026 persons, and having excellent facilities valued at more 
than $1,500,000; stands today looking toward a bright future while rejoicing in its" 
grand and glorious heritage. 

Former Pastors 

December, 1885-December, 1887 Amos Gregson 

December, 1887-December, 1888 N. M. Jurney 

December , 1888-December, 1890 R. F. Bumpas 

December, 1890-December, 1894 F. A. Bishop 

December, 1894-August 3, 1896 W. B. Doub 

August, 1896-December, 1896 J. C. Kilgo 

December, 1896-December, 1899 G. A. Oglesby 

December, 1899-December, 1900 A. P. Tver 

December, 1900-December, 1904 W. L. Cunninggim 

December, 1904-December, 1907 T. A. Smoot 

December, 1907-December, 1911 Michael Bradshaw 

December, 1911-December, 1913 G. F. Smith 

December, 1915-April, 1914 L. P. Howard 

April, 1914-November, 1914 F. N. Parker 

February, 1915-December, 1918 H. M. North 

December, 1918-November, 1923 Michael Bradshaw 

November, 1923-August, 1925 H. E. Myers 

August, 1925-November, 1925 J. M. Ormond 

November, 1925-November, 1928 H. C. Smith 

November, 1928-November, 1933 W. A. Stanbury 

November, 1933-November, 1934 H. B. Porter 

November, 1934-November, 1942 H. C. Smith 

November, 1942-November, 1946 J. C. Glenn 

November, 1946-November, 1951 R. E. Brown 

November, 1951-June, 1956 E. B. Fisher 

June, 1956-June, 1958 V. E. Queen 

June, 1958-June, 1965 R. W. Bradshaw 

June, 1965- W. B. Petteway 

Former Church School Superintendents 

Virginius Ballard 

C. C. Taylor 

Jerome Dowd 

A. H. Meritt 

H. N. Snow 

F. S. Aldridge 

R. L. Flowers 

R. N. Lee 
E. M. Stokes 

R. N. Wilson 

W. P. Henry 

Quinton Holton 

A. M. Proctor 

Holland Holton 

Irving Allen 

J. C. Lentz 

W. E. Whitford 







Duke Memorial Methodist Church offers to all its people and to the community 
opportunities that are designed to lead to an awareness of God as revealed in Jesus 
Christ, to respond to that love, and to abide in the eternal presence of God. 

The program described herein will acquaint you with the opportunities available to 
our people and to others in the community who would share in our fellowship of Chris- 
tian growth. 

The Worship Services of the church are conducted each Sunday at eleven 
o'clock and seven-thirty o'clock in the sanctuary. Holy Communion is observed 
each month and at seasonal observances. Wednesday evening Prayer Services 
are held in the Bradshaw Room at seven-thirty. Nursery care is provided for 
pre-school children during the Morning Worship Hour. 

The Church School Program of Christian Education provides classes for 
all ages. Regular study sessions are each Sunday morning at nine-forty-five 
o'clock. The Methodist Youth Fellowships, for Junior High and Senior High 
youth, meet each Sunday evening at five forty-five. Opportunities for further 
fellowship and study are planned by various groups. Family nights, Vacation 
Church School, and camping activities provide a variety of learning exper- 
iences. Recreational and social activities are also a part of the total program. 
There is a graded pre-school Week-Day Nursery and Kindergarten, and Boy 
and Girl Scout programs. 

The Music Program contributes much to the inspirational life of the 
church. It includes five choirs, graded for children, youth and adults. 

A Ministry of Visitation to the membership, shut-ins, and to the hospitals, 
as well as prospective members, is carried on by the ministers and other 
groups in the church. Counseling and guidance is available by the ministers 
and the church staff. 

Service Opportunities for everyone contribute to the life and fellowship 
of Duke Memorial. Accepting positions of leadership, in church programs, 
visitation, and social service are signs of the concern of Duke Memorial for 
its people and those of the community. 




Duke Memorial Church Trust Funds 
and Their Use 

Duke Memorial Church is the fortunate beneficiary of the generosity of a number 
of its early members. By their contributions the donors have provided incentive for our 
Church to achieve large and progressive projects. In no sense were these funds intended 
to relieve the membership of its stewardship responsibilities, but rather they were in- 
tended to widen opportunities for service. 

Certain of the gifts made to Duke Memorial have been expendable funds for par- 
ticular purposes. Other gifts have been given in perpetuity and have been invested as 
trust funds, the income from which benefits our Church. 

The Perpetual Memorial Fund 

The income earned by the investment of the principal funds is to be used for the 
current budget of the Church. To this fund the following amounts were bequests: 

Mr. B. N. Duke $15,000 

Mr. Angier B. Duke 10,000 

Mrs. B. N. Duke 4,800 

Mrs. Lucy Wilson 2,100 

Total $31,900 

The Annie Roney Bequest 

The will of the late Annie Roney gave to Duke Memorial Church the sum of $1,100 
which is invested and the earnings used to aid the poor and sick of Durham. 

The Memorial Church Fund, Inc. 

This fund is much the largest of the trust funds which have been created for the 
benefit of Duke Memorial. The income from invested principal funds is to be used for 
the physical plant and parsonages of the Church. Extraordinary repairs or capital ex- 
penditures are generally the principal items covered by this fund. 

The fund was created August 26, 1926. A board of trustees was set up to administer 
this fund. The board is composed of the Minister, the Chairman of the Board of Stew- 
ards, the Chairman of the Commission on Stewardship and Finance, the Chairman of 
the Board of Trustees, and five other members elected by the board on a self perpetu- 
ating basis. 

To this fund the following amounts were bequests: 

Mrs. B. N. Duke $ 50,000 

Mrs. B. N. Duke 50,000 

Mrs. Mary Duke Biddle 50,000 

Mr. C. W. Toms 5,000 

Mr. W. W. Flowers 5,000 

Mrs. Mary W. Stagg 5,000 

Total $165,000 

These original funds have been wisely invested and as of March 31, 1965, the mar- 
ket value of the holdings of the fund was $831,701. As of the same date the fund had 
earned $432,094 since its creation and $425,842 had been spent for repairs, additions, 
and maintenance of the physical properties of our Church. 


Church (Vldiil)€*r>sliip 

Adams, Mrs. R. D. (Doris)*, 1207 

Welcome Circle 489-9517 

Adkins, Mrs. Merle T., Jr. (Louise) 

1505 Alabama Avenue 286-9745 

Alford, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence (Marilyn) 

910 Trinity Ave., Apt. 1-A 

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Burwell A., Jr. (Mary Louise) 

3222 Oxford Drive 489-9588 

Allen, Mr. Irving E., 1007 Lamond 682-1313 

Allen, Mrs. T. E. (Elizabeth) 

1007 Lamond 682-1313 

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. T. E., Jr. (Charlotte)* 

916 Englewood Avenue 286-1492 

Alley, Mr. and Mrs. William E. (Irene)* 

2726 Stuart Drive 489-2167 

Almond, Miss Bertha, 524 Hwlloway St 383-2105 

Anderson, Dr. and Mrs. Lewis E. (Ruth) 

2020 Sunset Avenue 286-2034 


Nancy Ruth 

Carol May 

David Edward 
Andrews, Mr. Herbert G., Jr. 

1206 W. Markham Avenue 286-6766 

Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. (Annie Lou) 

2218 Arrington Street 489-4922 

Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. (Clara) 

1617 Acadia Street 383-6382 

Andrews, Mrs. T. V. (Lucy) 

1106 N. Gregson Street 286-1197 

Angier, Mr. and Mrs. Sam J. (Zalene)* 

2304 Cranford Road 489-2280 

Ashbrook, Miss Beulah, 1200 Leon Street 

Apartment F-l 477-2857 

Ashmore, Mr. and Mrs. Frank (Nancy) 

2637 McDowell 489-2015 


Hall B. 

Atkins, Mr. John L., 1701 Roxboro Rd 682-1062 

Aycock, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. (Emma) 

D-2-D University Apartments 489-7619 

Aydlett, Mr. and Mrs. A. Lawrance (Dorothy)* 

1715 Kent Street 489-8548 

— B — 

Bain, Mrs. W. Thomas (Iva)* 

909 Exum Street 489-1137 

Ballentine, Mrs. C. M. (Eva) 

Kings Daughters Home, 204 Buchanan 

Boulevard 383-1791 

Barden, Mr. Walter J., Jr. 

2212 Prince Street 489-9426 

Barker, Mrs. R. C. (Sarah)* 

1100 North Street 688-6591 

Barnhardt, Mr. and Mrs. John V. (Mamie)* 

703 W. Club Boulevard 286-2628 

Barnhill, Mrs. W. A. (Catherine)** 

1214 Vickers Avenue 383-4625 

James Minor 
Bartholomew, Dr. and Mrs. Clarence (Melba)* 

2307 Whitley Drive 489-0352 


Barton, Mr. and Mrs. J. H., Sr. (Marguerite)* 

2321 W. Club Boulevard 286-7897 

Bass, Mrs. Elizabeth,* D-2-C University 

Apartments 489-7898 

Beard, Mr. and Mrs. Francis D. (Mildred) 

1013 Arnette Avenue 681-3988 

Clara Dean 

Nancy W. 
Beard, Mr. and Mrs. Junius B. (Virginia) 

Route 6, Mineral Springs Road 

Beard, Miss Juanita 

1004 Shepherd Street 383-3711 

Beard, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. (Louise)** 

2517 Chapel Hill Road 489-7675 

Thomas Elwood, Jr. 
Beel, Mrs. Elizabeth 

2309-A Lednum Street 477-7632 

William Hooper 

James Arnold 
Beavers, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley F. (Lula Mae) 

1100 Markham Avenue 286-7552 

Jane Markham 
Bell, Miss Ruth C. 

2523 Woodrow Street 286-2759 

Belvin, Mrs. F. L. (Frances)* 

1002 Monmouth Avenue 682-5208 

Bennett, Mrs. Mae Rogers,** 

818 Onslow Street 286-1086 

Berini, Mrs. Louis 

213 Woodridge Drive 489-4667 

Emmaly Conner Ivey 
Berry, Mr. and Mrs. J. Chester (Louise) 

1708 Arrowhead Drive 286-7926 

John, Jr. 

Berry, Mr. and Mrs. William J., Jr., (Rowena)* 

1021 Green Street 286-9309 

William James, III 

Susan Carol 
Best, Mrs. Margaret, 2000 Pershing 286-1100 

Margaret Lucy 

Adolphus Thomas, Jr. 
Bishop, Mrs. Joe T. (Claudia) 

2018 Woodrow Street 286-2732 

Bishop, Mrs. W. Warren (Catharine)* 

2012 Woodrow Street 286-7806 

Bissette, Mrs. J. C. (Annie) 

1610 Hollywood Street 682-3569 

Bissette, Mr. and Mrs. Alton F. (Edna) 

1610 Hollywood Street 682-3569 


Peter Fleming 
Bitting, Mrs. N. D. (Mary)* 

2041 Englewood Avenue 286-9487 

Black, Dr. and Mrs. Martin L., Jr. (Ann) 

135 Pinecrest Road 489-4217 

Blackley, Mrs. Robert R. (Hester)* 

1611 Duke University Road 

Apt. 3 489-2051 

Blalock, Mrs. Louis M. (Doris)** 

2724 Roxboro Road 477-5487 

Blalock, Mr. Ralph D. 

832 Wilkerson Avenue 682-6451 

Blanchard, Don, 1000 Lamond Avenue 

Blinsmon, Mr. and Mrs. Terry Lee (Linda) 

New Oxford Highway, Box 395, 

Route 5 688-6428 

Blinsmon, Mr. and Mrs. Carl (Florence) 

New Oxford Highway, Box 395 

Route 5 688-6428 

Bobbitt, Miss Lena M.* 

Methodist Retirement Home 

Erwin Road 286-2273 

* Member of W. S. C. S. 
** Member of W. S. G. 

Boddie, Mr. James W., 

1026 Monmouth Avenue 82-3744 

Boddie, Miss Leah* 

2026 Monmouth Avenue 682-3744 

Boddie, Mrs. N. J. (Henrietta)* 

602 Maplewood Avenue 489-8874 

Boddie, Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. (Grace) 

1101 Vickers Avenue 682-8886 

Mary Frances 
Bookhout, Dr. and Mrs. Cazlyn G. (Elizabeth)** 

1307 Alabama Avenue 286-9738 

Glenn Allen 
Boring, Mrs. Hal W. (Mary) 

901 W. Markham Avenue 

Borland, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. (Zelle)* 

1600 High Street 489-9429 

Boutwell. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. (Lucy May) 

Route 2, Cole Mill Road 286-9548 

Bowers, Mr. H. Franklin 

2505 Perkins Road 489-6019 

Bowles, Mr. and Mrs. William Emery (Helen) 

3360 Duke Homestead Road 477-4708 

Boy, Mrs. Carl A. (Frances) 

603 Watts Street 682-2871 

Boy, Mr. and Mrs. J. Samuel (Geraldine)** 

2217 Myers Street 489-0429 

Boy, Mrs. John W. (Zelma)** 

2210 Wilson Street 286-1082 

Boyd, Mrs. C. L. (Jessie) 

1507 Acadia Street _ 682-6429 

Bradley, Mrs. David (Gail) 

2507 Sevier Street 489-9879 

Katherine Ann 
Bradshaw, Mr. James 

1803 House St., Apt. 4B 489-5419 

Bradsher, Mrs. Arthur, Sr. (Elizabeth)* 

118 Pinecrest Road 489-0534 

Branch, Mrs. Mittie** 

1003 Monmouth Avenue 682-1659 

Branson, Mr. and Mrs. Guy, Jr. (Bessie) 

113 Virginia Avenue 286-2710 

Brewer, Mrs. S. O., Sr. (Anna) 

1215 Alabama Avenue 286-9733 

Brinkley, Mrs. Harvey M. (Byrd) 

1062 W. Forest Hills Boulevard 489-3223 

Brinkley, Mr. and Mrs. H. M., Jr. (Frances) 

2006 Wilshire Dr 489-2967 

Brinkley, Mr. William L., Jr. 

2740 Dogwood Road 489-9586 

Britt, Bill, 2206 Sparger Road 286-9184 

Brock, Miss Neta Mae 

2010 Sprunt Street 286-0304 

Brock, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H., Jr. (Laura)* 

1507 Bellevue Avenue 286-1349 

Brock, Mr. Thomas H., Ill, 1200 Leon Street 
Brock, Mrs. Viola Whitney 

13-A Franklin Ct. Apts 682-7366 

Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C, Jr. (Ruth)* 

1011 Southwood Drive 489-2264 

Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C, III (Alice) 

1222 Arnette Avenue 684-5004 

Eugene Clyde, IV 
Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Leon S. (Elizabeth) 

904 Arnette Avenue _ 682-7076 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin (Rose)* 

1210 Virginia Avenue 286-2639 

Brown, Dr. and Mrs. Earl, II (Anna)* 

1631 Marion Avenue 489-0706 


Elizabeth Anne 
Brown, Mrs. Howard F. (Martha)* 

1600 Shawnee Street 682-1060 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. (Lillian)* 

1416 N. Mangum Street 688-2051 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Roger (June)* 

2527 Wilson Street 286-3156 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. William E., Jr. (Hazel) 

510 Watts Street 688-8123 

Browning, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Judy) 

1305 Leon Street, Apt. F 477-7932 

Browning, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence (Judith)* 

309 Greenwood Avenue 477-5896 

Bryant, Mrs. Sue B.* 

F-l-A University Apartments 489-7526 

Buehler, Mr. and Mrs. Albert G., (Delaina)* 

4713 Stafford 286-2598 

Burch, Miss Carrie W. 

1607 Duke University Road 489-1490 

Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Carl (Reid)* 

3503 Tonbridge Way 489-9789 

Byerly, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T., (Mary)* 

2315 Sprunt Street 286-2463 

Byerly, Dr. and Mrs. C. T., Jr. (Iris)* 

1002 Shepherd Street 682-3358 

— C — 

Calder, Mr. and Mrs. D. B. 

3819 Swarthmore Drive 489-3476 

Sally Helen 
Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. Herschell A., (Anita) 

3100 Devon Road 489-6053 

Caldwell, Mr. Herschell A., Jr., 3100 Devon Road 
Canada, Mrs. W. T. (Ruth) 

1312 Lancaster Street 286-9550 

Canada, Miss Mary W.** 

1312 Lancaster Street 286-9550 

Cannada, Mrs. Vernon (Virginia) 

2710 Shenandoah Avenue 477-4136 

Cannon, Mrs. James, III (Margaret)* 

No. 1 Rollins Apts., 803 Lancaster 

Street _. 286-0217 

Carden, Mrs. J. B. (Matilda) 

210 Dacian Avenue 682-1611 

Carpenter, Dr. and Mrs. Daid W. (Edna) 

137 Pinecrevst Road 489-7866 

Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus G., Jr. (Barbara) 

908 Urban Aenue 286-0686 

Jo Anne 

Catherine Jean 
Carroll, Mrs. A. M., Jr. (Nina) 

1013 Lamond Avenue 682-2758 

Carroll, Adrianne 
Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Norwood M., (Isabelle) 

1010 Green Street 286-7883 

Norwood Lee 

William Singleton 
Carswell, Mr. and Mrs. W. F., Sr.* 

722 Burch Avenue 682-4822 

Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Howard (Mary) 

1601 Dexter Street 286-5679 

Carver, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. (Myrtis) 

909 South Duke Street 682-2303 

Cates, Miss Lula J., 

1008 1/2 Lamond Avenue 682-2446 

Chambers, Mrs. Robert L. (Anne) 

2311 Prince Street 489-2255 

Judith Norton 
Chappell, Mr. John H. 

604 E. Hammond Street 477-5107 

Cheathan, Mrs. V. A. (Mary) 

606 Buchanan Boulevard, Apt. 12 682-8798 

Cheek, Mrs. Margaret, 617 Arnette 

* Member of W. S. C. S. 
** Member of W. S. G. 


Cheek, Mrs. T. L. (Lottie)* 

1417 North Duke Street 286-1966 

Cheek, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L., Jr. (Mary) 

118 West Woodridge Drive 489-3653 


Chewning, Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Mildred)* 

113 W. Markham Avenue 682-4676 


Chewning, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Jr. (Carol)* 

1807 West Pettigrew Street zao-7241 

Chesson, Mrs. Irvin* 

711 W. Knox St 286-4085 

Chesson, Mr. Richard 

1017 Monmouth Avenue 

Chesson, Mrs. Richard (Susan) 

3312 Westover Road 489-2719 

Christian, Dr. and Mrs. C. Donald (Sarah) 

1023 Sycamore Street 489-5914 

Christmas, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. (Edna) 

116 E. Edgewood Drive 477-6749 

Sandra Fay 

Christmas, Miss Frances, 2500 Shenandoah Avenue 

Clapp, Dr. and Mrs. James (Janet)* 

Route 3, King Charles Road 544-1971 

Clark, Dr. and Mrs. C. Fred, Jr. (Anne)* 

3433 Sheridan Drive 489-3897 

Clark, Mr. George M., 3513 Eastis Drive 489-9624 
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Word C. (Virginia)* 

2836 Stuart Drive 489-4257 

Word Compton, Jr. 
Clayton, Mr. and Mrs. A. W., Jr. (Elizabeth)* 

2005 University Drive 489-9323 

Cleary, Mrs. R. A. (Virginia) 

311 Liberty Street 688-5692 

Cleary, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A., Jr. (Carolyn) 

311 Liberty Street 688-5692 

Clements, Mr. Wallace W.* 

140 Pinecrest Road 489-8886 

Cliff, Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. (Pearle)* 

918 Englewood Avenue 286-1555 

Cobb, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. (Mildred)* 

2009 West Club Boulevard 286-2724 

Coble, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. (Dorothy) 

3109 Shaftsbury Drive 477-4916 

Coble, Mrs. T. S. (Elizabeth)* 

821 Green Street 286-3859 

Coble, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S., Jr. (Hilda) 

2005 West Club Boulevard 286-2697 

Stanley Thomas, III 

Nancy Lee 


Coffin, Mr. and Mrs. E. Wilson (Viola)* 

115 Watts Street 383-6161 

Nathaniel W. 

Viola F.* 

William Oscar 
Cofield, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas (Jean)* 

3811 Tremont Drive 286-7112 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur V. (Bessie)* 

1305 Duke University Road 489-4114 

Cole, Mrs. E. D. (Urma)* 

1006 Minerva Avenue 682-5188 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bernard (Nonie)** 

1020 Wells Street 489-1321 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. J. Marvin (Sudie) 

2204 Wilson Street 286-2136 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. James A. (Mary)* 

2510 Alpine Road 489-7478 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse W. (Virgie Lynn)* 

1706 Cole Mill Road 286-9288 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil A. (Vertie)* 

3517 Rose of Sharon Road 286-6403 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. William E. (Sophie) 

2711 Shenandoah Avenue 477-4168 

Cole, Mr. and Mrs. William L., Jr. (Dorothy) 

1002 Lamond Avenue 681-7461 

Colver, Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. (Lela) 

2720 Circle Drive 489-2895 

Charles M. 

Robert John 
Coman, Mr. and Mrs. James H. (Pearle)* 

908 Vickers Avenue 383-2131 

Coman, Mr. John S., 917 Ramseur Street 
Coman, Mr. and Mrs. William T. (Pat)* 

217 Pineview Road 489-4117 

Patricia Ruth 

William T., Jr. 
Conklin, Mrs. Susie Turner, 2514 Roxboro Road 
Cooke, Mr. and Mrs. Ben D. (Grace)* 

2313 Englewood Avenue 286-4859 

Cooke, Mrs. Edna R. 

2209 Wilson Street 286-1564 

Cooke, Miss Katie L.* 

County Home, Roxboro Road 477-4212 

Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle W., Jr. (Jeanette) 

2703 Roxboro Road 477-5324 

Copelan, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus G. (Kathleen)* 

3335 Chapel Hill Road 489-3107 

Marcus G., Jr. 

Kathleen B. 
Copeland, Mrs. R. L. (Velma) 

Route 1, Box 12, Erwin Road 489-2492 

Corbin, Miss Charlotte** 

21 Alstair Ct. Apts 286-3753 

Council, Mrs. Carl C. (Mary S.) 

26 Oak Drive 489-5223 

Cowan, Mr. and Mrs. Rex S. (Mary)* 

1629 Kirkwood Road 477-3656 

Cox, Mr. and Mrs. A. LeRoy (Eva)* 

1718 Vista Street 383-8451 

Monty Woodall 
Cox, Miss Laura 

Nash Rest Home, 2301 Chapel Hill Road 
Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. (Mary)* 

1913 University Drive 489-6185 

Ray Lawrence 

Robert Edward 

Allen Stuart 
Craig, Mrs. E. C. (Sallie)* 

104 Hilton Avenue 489-7363 

Craig, Mr. and Mrs. Hoyle W., (Mable) 

2206 Arrington Street 489-6466 

Hoyle Bickford 

William Dempsey 
Craig, Mrs. William L. (Eleanor) 

1428 Woodland Drive 286-8000 

Crane, Dr. and Mrs. George L. (Lyle) 

1205 Shepherd Street 682-3941 

Cranford, Mr. Henry C, Sr. 

108 Buchanan Blvd 682-2903 

Cranford, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. (Lucille)* 

1023 Southwood Drive 489-4522 

Thomas B., Jr. 

Crenshaw, Mr. and Mrs. Chris (Annelle)* 

1200 Leon, Apt. B-7 477-3932 

Crews, Miss Eva 

303 Monmouth Avenue 681-4175 

Crews, Mr. Robert Daniel 

442 West Markham Avenue 688-9855 

Crisp, Mr. G. Roundtree, Sr. 

205 Forestwood Drive 489-3265 

Member of W. S. C. S. 
Member of W. S. G. 


Crisp, Mr. G. Roundtree, Jr., 305 Edwards Street 

Robert W. 
Crumpacker, Mrs. A. Louis (Betty) 

2010 Wilson Street 286-1881 

Crumpacker, Miss Louise 

1405 Welcome Circle 489-9214 

Curtis, Miss Nancy 

3-M-A University Apartments 489-7681 

— D — 

Dameron, Mr. and Mrs. Earl (Lillian)* 

2300 Club Boulevard 286-8751 

Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. Carey W. (Margaret) 

1712 Bivins Street 489-7007 

Carey W., Jr. 
Daniel, Mrs. Theady H. (Eva)* 

4015 Bristol Road 489-4205 

Darden, Mrs. Sandra Pendergraft 

3555 Hamstead Court 489-2937 

Darkis, Dr. and Mrs. Fred R. (Mildred)* 

3010 Surrey Road 489-3537 

Daughtry, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh (Dorothy)* 

804 West Maynard Avenue 477-5614 

Davis, Mr. James P., 802 Parker Street 
Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie L. (Bertha) 

2837 Chapel Hill Road 489-1014 

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Norman P. (Ethel) 

Route 1, Box 189, Erwin Road 489-1551 

Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie E. (Irene), 

2308 Southern Drive 596-2701 

Mark Elwood 
Ronnie Richard 
Delmar, Mrs. E. S. (Minnie) 

508 Milton Avenue 489-2132 

Denbo, Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. (Dorothy)* 

504 East Forest Hills Boulevard 489-4269 

E. M., Jr. 
Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. John S. (Minnie)* 

817 Berkeley Street 286-2109 

Dennis, Miss Mary Lee 

1211 Glendale Avenue 684-5092 

Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. Willie R. (Sallie) 

1441 Cole Mill Road 286-9323 

Dickinson, Miss Frances Scott 

1403 Alabama Avenue 

Dickson, Mrs. C. L. (Elizabeth)* 

712 Parker Street 383-1623 

Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt T. (Eugenia)** 

404 East Markham Avenue 682-2213 

Dixon, Mr. Wyatt T., Jr. 

1202 Elizabeth Street 681-3932 

Dollar, Mrs. A. P. (Emma) 

111 E. Lynch Street 688-0211 

Dominick, John M. 

3017 1 /2 Chapel Hill Rd 

Dorrity, Mr. and Mrs. V. Morris (Mary)* 

2711 Stuart Drive 489-5215 

Dozier, Mr. and Mrs. John M. (Mary Kay)* 

2510 Wrightwood Avenue 489-9201 

James Evans 


Rosemary Sharp 
Dozier, Mrs. Walter J. (Ellen)* 

1501 Sycamore Street 489-9441 

Duke, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. (Judith C.)* 

2712 Shannon Road 489-0152 

Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. Fred (Gladys)* 

1116 Oval Drive 286-1622 

Dunham, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar W. (Lizette)* 

617 Swift Avenue 489-4171 

Dunn, Mrs. Maude* 

508 Milton Avenue 489-2132 

Dunnegan, Mr. Clyde S. 

1406 N. Duke Street 286-4647 

— E — 

Eakes, Mr. W. Matt 

805 Englewood Avenue 286-4887 

Eargle, Mr. and Mrs. Zane (Joan)* 

1305 Washington Street 383-5711 

Eason, Mr. and Mrs. F. Ray (Betty) 

211 Edwards Street 688-7753 

Edwards, Mrs. C. W. (Marie)* 

406 Buchanan Boulevard 682-5172 

Edwards, Mr. Daniel K. 

406 Buchanan Boulevard 688-9671 

Daniel K., Jr. 

Miss LeRoy 

Miss Claire Egan 

Jane Harrison 

Marie Fulmer 
Edwards, Mrs. John R. 

Methodist Retirement Home, Erwin 

Road 286-2273 

Edwards, Mrs. Minnie R. 

1317 Lancaster Street 286-4062 

Edwards, Miss Ruth Costen** 

Methodist Retirement Home, Erwin 

Road 286-2273 

Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. William R. (Lorena)* 

818 Onslow Street 286-1086 

Elder, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. 

2413 Club Blvd 286-9159 

Elwell, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley (Barbara) 

2514 Nation Avenue 489-4321 

Ervin, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer J. (Louise)* 

1207 North Gregson Street 286-5489 

Ervin, Mr. W. Howard 

2305 West Club Boulevard 286-9626 

William H., Jr. 
Ervin, Mr. and Mrs. William (Mary)* 

Cornwallis Road 489-4518 

Erwin, Mrs. Marion Frank (Connie) 

3905 Tremont Drive 286-4344 

Evans, Mrs. J. B. (Annie)* 

1407 Watts Street 286-1356 

— F — 

Famed, Mrs. Joe (Polly)* 

2020 Wilson Street 286-1116 

Farrell, Mrs. John* 

2310 Hillandale Drive 477-6374 

Farrell, Mrs. Mamie 

407 Vickers Avenue 684-4193 

Farthing, Mrs. Gaynelle Teer 

707 Morehead Avenue 682-1600 

Faris, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey W. (Mattie)* 

615 Arnette Avenue 682-2437 

Featherston, Mr. and Mrs. John E. (Lael C.)* 

1614 Delaware Avenue 286-4784 

Fendt, Mrs. Paul (Mary) 

1402 Alabama 286-4922 

Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. (Ruth)* 

1111 Delano Street 682-4343 

Robert Dean 

Ferrell, Mr. James A., Jr. 

3525 Hope Valley Road 489-9244 

Ferrell, Miss Vera, 2308 Gin Street 
Few, Mrs. W. P. (Mary) 

208 Buchanan Boulevard 682-2720 

Few, Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Reamey (Shirley)* 

1306 Kent Street 489-3939 

* Member of W. S. C. S. 
** Member of W. S. G. 

— 11 — 

The Church In Action. . . . 

Bradshaw Room 


I 1 Fellowship Hall 


Fitzpatrick, Miss Rhoda** 

University Apts. C-3-A 489-7438 

Fleek, Mrs. Elizabeth Wright 

Bonnie Brae Farm, Roxboro Road 477-3915 

Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. David K. (Irene) 

218 Dacian Avenue 682-3818 

Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. James Bill (Fannie) 

500 Fairfield Road 477-2205 

Flowers, Mrs. Claude M. (Mary) 

1506 Hermitage Court 489-5243 

Floyd, Miss Jessie B. 

902 1 /2 Dacian Avenue 383-4863 

Forrester, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. (Alma) 

Forrestdale Drive at Rose of 

Shanon Road 286-7142 

Forrester, Mr. Roy Lane 

Apt. B-3-B, University Apartments 489-7481 
Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. Horace (Louise) 

1502 Bivins Street 489-5196 

Richard S. 

Julia Sherrod 
Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. Marion B. (Hazel)* 

1021 Monmouth Avenue 682-3784 

Marion B., Jr. 

Thomas Durham 
Fowler, Mr. Dan 

1721 Roxboro Road 682-3794 

Fowler, Mrs. Preston L., Jr. (Lois)* 

798 West Cobb Street 684-2541 

Preston L., Ill 

Lois Lee 
Francis, Mrs. W. B., 116 Queen Street .... 682-7181 
Fullen, Mr. and Mrs. Roy E., Ill (Sarah) 

Snow Hill Road, Route 1, Bahama, 

N. C 477-6005 

Funderburk, Mr. and Mrs. Morris L. (Lois) 

4820 Stafford Drive 286-1004 

— G — 

Gamble, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzhugh L. (Sallie) 

605 Bon Air Avenue 477-5116 

Garrard, Miss Anne** 

1411 North Duke Street 286-6705 

Gattis, Mr. Herbert F. 

1533 Chapel Hill-Nelson Highway 544-2500 

Gay, Dr. and Mrs. W. A., Jr. (Frances) 

915 Demerius 286-1114 

Georgiade, Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas (Ruth) 

2523 Wrightwood Avenue 489-9602 

Gholson, Mr. and Mrs. Claude S. (Mae) 

302 Milton Avenue 383-7551 

Gibson, Mrs. J. E. (Mary) 

911 1 /2 Spring Street 682-8655 

Miss Linda LeRoy 
Gillespie, Dr. and Mrs. Joe I. (Ann)* 

904 Murray Street 477-3820 

Glasson, Dr. and Mrs. John (Ella)* 

615 Swift Avenue 489-5110 

Mary Park 

John, Jr. 

George Eddins 

Joel Collins 
Goodrich, Mrs. James F. (Elsie)* 

2121 Club Boulevard 286-1783 

Graham, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy E. (Elsie) 

2026 Club Boulevard 286-1179 

Gray, Mr. Alton A. 

Route 2, Box 93, Umstead Road 477-4888 

Green, Mr. and Mrs. Harold William (Edna)* 

3525 Hamstead Court 489-2849 

Harold William, Jr. 
Greenfield, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. (Mary) 

1212 Virginia Avenue 286-9104 

Gregory, Mrs. B. C. (Rose) 

1731 Arrowhead 286-4316 

Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. (Mary) 

528 Wofford Road 489-3025 

Charles Ronald 
Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. John P. (Lizzie)* 

818 Wilkerson Avenue 681-7973 

Doris E. 
Griffin, Mrs. R. D. (Judy) 

2812 Cammie Street 477-2985 

Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. William J. (Carol) 

2518 Wrightwood Avenue 489-0446 

Gunter, Mrs. Ben L. (Inez)* 

2209 Pershing Street 286-9427 

Gunter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. (Elizabeth) 

103 Argonne Drive 477-4623 

Robert Bruce, Jr. 
Gurganous, Mr. Hal O. 
Guthrie, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jr., (Elizabeth) 

2219 Stuart Drive 489-9568 

Guyer, Mr. and Mrs. William B. (Grace) 

906 Hudson 477-5954 

Deborah B. 

— H — 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. (Inez)* 

108 Briar Cliff Road 489-2186 

Ramsey Windley 

Beatrice Avery 
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Dewitte C. (Arlene)** 

2416 Glendale Avenue 477-7658 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. (Mabel) 

709 West Knox Street 286-5441 

Hall, Mrs. T. S. (Olivia)* 

2421 Mozelle Street 596-7478 

Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Ed (Kay) 

Forrestdale Drive, Rose of Sharon 

Road 286-7342 

Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. John B. (Susan) 

2400 Club Boulevard 286-9868 

Susan B. 
Hargitt, Dr. and Mrs. George T. (Thelma)* 

811 Watts Street 286-4125 

Hargitt, Mr. Thomas G. 

811 Watts Street 286-4125 

Harrell, Mrs. Franklin Monroe (Helen)** 

1918 Glendale Avenue 681-2592 

Timothy Jordan 
Harrington, Mr. and Mrs. Craig (Susan) 

414 Carolina Circle 489-2835 


Thomas L. 
Harris, Mrs. Dolian (Maude)* 

813 Lancaster Street 286-8521 

Harris, Miss Ethel** 

810 Vickers Avenue 681-9973 

Harris, Mrs. H. D. (Grace)** 

1210 Ruffin Street 286-9883 

Harris, Mrs. L. T. (Nathalie)* 

119 Forestwood Drive 489-2116 

Linda Barbara 
Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Norwood T. (Mabel)* 

1518 North Duke Street 286-8724 

Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Norwood T., Jr. (Louise) 

Route 4, Box 262-C 596-4427 

Harris, Mrs. Roy B. (Bessie Sue)* 

2414 Glendale Avenue 477-7906 

Roy B., Jr. 
Harris, Mrs. Thomas J. (Fannie) 

109 Woodridge Drive 489-3144 

Harris, Mr. V. B., 1607 Jackson Street 

* Member of W. S. C. S. 
** Member of W. S. G. 


Harris, Mr. Walter M. 

821 Onslow Street 286-5882 

Harris, Mr. William W. 

1608 Jackson Street 489-1156 

Harton, Mrs. A. W. (Frances) 

524 Mangum Street 682-2521 

Harton, Mrs. N. F. (Mattie) 

2307 Englewood Avenue 286-4912 

Harton, Mrs. W. R. (Delia) 

1306 Green Street 

Willie Mae 

Harey, Mrs. J. S. (Frances)* 

303 Monmouth Avenue 681-4175 

Harvey, Shields, Jr. 

2040 Granville Dr 489-9850 

Hatcher, Mr. and Mrs. Martin (Susan) 

109 Newell Street 286-2550 

Hawley, Mrs. W. P. (Martha) 

1505 Bivins Street 489-0932 

Haywood, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. (Nell) 

3512 Chapel Hill Road 489-6240 

Loula Fern 

Haywood, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank (Jessie)* 

3510 Rose of Sharon Road 286-2838 

Robert Allyn 
Haywood, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. (Ruby)* 

2204 Guess Road 286-4800 

Robert Edwin, II 
Head, Mrs. Merritt H., Sr. (Mary) 

1003 Urban Avenue 286-0240 

Mary Corinna 

Head, Mr. and Mrs. Merritt H., Jr. (Sarah) 

811 Green Street 286-1896 

Heflin, Mrs. Edgar (Pattie) 

1711 Avondale Drive 682-6809 

Heizer, Mr. and Mrs. James (Isabelle)* 

1320 Arnette Avenue 489-5176 

William Wannamaker 
Heldman, Mr. and Mrs. James M. (Margaret)* 

3507 Eastis Drive 489-1571 

Henderson, Mrs. K. E. (Olivia)* 

1035 Sycamore Street 489-2123 

Herring, Mr. and Mrs. John F. (Annie)* 

2303 Englewood Avenue 286-2867 

Hibberd, Mr. and Mrs. Christy N. (Pauline) 

2802 Sparger Road 286-0135 

C. N. Hibberd, Jr. 
High, Mrs. Minnie Green 

722 Burch Avenue 682-4822 

High, Mrs. W. J. (Lucille) 

830 Burch Avenue 688-7381 

Highsmith, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper N. (Nola)* 

302 Monticello Avenue 489-2961 

Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Dan W., Jr. (Ann)* 

4014 Dover Road 489-0888 

Dan W., Ill 


Hill, Mrs. Frances C. 

2500 Shenandoah Avenue 

Hix, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. (Anne) 

1915 Bivins Street 489-2000 


Beverly Anne 

Hix, Miss Mary 

812 Berkeley Street 286-5913 

Hobbs, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus E. (Sarah)* 

115 Pinecrest Road 489-3296 

Sarah Lillian 
Jean Elizabeth 
Hobgood, Mrs. Margaret B. 

A-l-A University Apartments 489-4892 

Hobgood, Miss R. Eileen 

1429 Kirkwood Drive 477-3756 

Hobgood, Mr. Walter Harvey 

1429 Kirkwood Drive 477-3756 

Hodges, Mrs. Thomas T. (Blanch)* 

2001 University Drive 489-5139 

Hodnett, Mrs. L. S. (Melissa)* 

204 Buchanan Boulevard 688-5285 

Hogue, Mr. and Mrs. David G. (Carolyn)* 

2913 Welcome Drive 489-2644 

Holsinger, General and Mrs. James W. (Ruth)* 

3808 Nottaway Road 489-2792 

Holsinger, Dr. and Mrs. James (Barbara)* 

3316 Dixon Road 489-0873 

Holton, Mrs. Holland (Lelia)* 

809 Watts Street 286-8004 

Holton, Mr. Holland Young 

809 Watts Street 286-8004 

Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. Everett (Bernice) 

2016 Campus Drive 286-8561 


Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. John S. (Marguerite) 

2027 WaWa Avenue 489-5221 

Horton, Mr. and Mrs. William B., Jr. (Louise) 

2013 Woodrow Street 286-9676 

Rebecca Ann 
Howard, Mr. and Mrs. W. Kenneth (Helen)* 

106 Pinecrest Road 489-3198 

William, Jr. 

James Brown 

Howell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. (Charlie)* 

2001 Dartmouth Drive 477-2773 

Stancill, Jr. 
Hoyle, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan V. (Veora) 

2351 Huron Street 489-8622 

Hubbard, Mrs. Norah 

1100 Burch Avenue 489-9793 

Huckabee, Mr. John S., Jr. 

113 St. Paul Street 477-7623 

Huckabee, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Doris) 

3527 Hamstead Court 489-9618 

Hudson, Mrs. Mary Rogers 

Methodist Retirement Home, Erwin 

Road 286-2273 

Hughes, Mrs. I. Harding (Dorothy)* 

1504 Blount Street 489-2637 

Hunt, Miss Genola 

505 North Roxboro Street 

— I — 

Irwin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. (Kit)* 

4005 Bristol Road 489-2525 

Kitty Crum 
Frank M., Jr. 

James, Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. (Marjorie)* 

2402 Wrightwood Avenue 489-9221 

Jeffreys, Mrs. D. E. (Sara) 

1420 Broad Street 286-3280 

Robert Moore 
Jeffreys, Mr. Leslie R., 406 Knox Street 
Jenkins, Mrs. J. E. (Olive)* 

1517 Hermitage Court 489-5143 


Anne Cannday 
Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Edward (Carol Ann) 

301 Swift Ave 286-3149 

Member of W. S. C. S. 
s Member of W. S. G. 


Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. (Edith) 

2522 Roxboro Road 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Gene 

1109 Elizabeth Street 688-4431 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. (Julia) 

2501 Shenandoah Avenue 477-7737 

Johnson, Mrs. E. H. (Gloria) 

2303 Glendale Avenue 477-7635 

Edison, H. Jr. 
Johnson, Mri. O. D., Jr.** 

819 Lancaster Street 286-5034 

Johnson, Mrs. Carl A. (Sally) 

903 Murray Avenue 477-6815 

Sylvia Marina 

Carl Anderson 
Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher 

(moved and left no address) 
Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. (Beatrice) 

3306 Mossdale Avenue 489-7108 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. (Evelyn)* 

605 East Club Boulevard 477-7612 

Jones, Mrs. Ernestine N. 

1106 Alabama Avenue 286-6581 

Jones, Mrs. Frances Flowers 

2203 Sprunt Street 286-2173 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. George Tyree (Bess) 

902 Demerius Street 286-1390 

Sarah Elaine 

David Timothy 
Jones, Mrs. H. Hunter (Phoebe)* 

129 Pinecrest Road 489-2287 

Jones, Col. and Mrs. James T. (Mary Alice) 

906 Shepherd Street 

Carol Ann 

Susan Beth 
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. J. Albert (Mary) 

1217 Cornwallis Road 489-2968 

J. Albert, Jr. 

Richard Lewis 
Jones, Mrs. Lillian 

(address unknown) 

Miss Carol Lynn Sanders 
Jones, Miss Louise* 

1029 Dacian Avenue 383-0151 

Jordan, Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. (Elizabeth)* 

615 West Campus Drive 489-5209 

— K — 

Kale, Mrs. Arthur (Ruth)* 

500 East Markham Avenue 


Kale, Mrs. George F. (Ethel Mae)* 

3325 Chapel Hill Road 489- 

Keen, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey A. (Alverta) 

2311 Englewood Avenue 286- 

Kemery, Mrs. Mary 

1417 Watts Street 286. 

Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. (Grace)* 

2707 Farthing Street 477- 

Kiker, Miss Elizabeth (Betsy) 

301 Swift Avenue, Apt. 20 286 

Kimball, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. (Mildred) 

2002 Carver Street 477 

Michael Stanley 
Kimbrough, Mrs. J. W. (Corine) 

204 Buchanan Boulevard 383 

Kimrey, Mr. and Mrs. J. Otis (Ella) 

807 W. Club Boulevard 286 

Kincaid, Mr. and Mrs. Randall (Kay) 

861 Louise Circle 286 



■ 1791 

King, Mrs. Charles H. (Margaret) 

1906 University Drive 489-3234 

King, Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. (Gladys)* 

3540 Rose of Sharon Road 286-9321 

King, Mr. Haywood H. 

1009 South Duke Street 688-3654 

King, Mrs. Myra Harris 

C-3-C University Apartments 489-3238 

Michael James 
King, Mr. and Mrs. William C. (Betty) 

3530 Rose of Sharon Road 286-4977 

Kirkland, Mrs. Jessica 

1408 Washington Street 681-2480 

Kirkland, Miss Dorothy 

1408 Washington Street 681-2480 

Kirkland, Mr. and Mrs. A. L., Jr. (Valinda) 

Cambridge Road, Box 2065 489-9014 

Kissell, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben R. (Ethel)* 

1304 Clarendon Street 286-2738 

Kissell, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben R., Jr. (Betty) 

1227 Shepherd Street 688-7021 

Reuben Rouse, III 
Klutz, Miss Katherine 

2316 West Club Boulevard 286-7621 

Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Alton, Jr. (Rebecca) 

Box 317, Carver Street Extension 286-4181 

Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. (Dorothy) 

2211 Arrington Street 489-9741 

Arthur Winfield, Jr. 

Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. (Ida) 

1404 North Duke Street 286-5547 

Knoll, Mrs. Helen* 

2614 Pickett Road 489-6557 

Kuhn, Mr. and Mrs. Fred (Sue) 

Route 1, Wilson Road 489-8730 

— L — 

Lamm, Mr. and Mrs. Harold (Betty)* 
1701 Lakewood Avenue 

Lance, Mrs. H. E. (Helen) 

1007 Lamond Avenue 

Lane, Alberta Poe** 

17 Alastair Court Apartments 

Langford, Mrs. Thomas A. (Ann)* 

2002 Dartmouth Drive 

Thomas Anderson, III 
Langley, Miss Corrine 

County Home, Roxboro Road 

Langston, Mrs. P. R. (Janie)* 

E-3-C University Apartments 

Latta, Miss Beulah** 

Route 2, Box 55 

Lawrence, Mr. John Riley 

1617 Delaware Avenue 

Lawrence, Mrs. T. H. (Lottie) 

820 Buchanan Boulevard 

Lawrence, Mrs. T. H., Jr. (Frances) 

806 W. Club Boulevard 

Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. W. Harris (Helen 

404 West Knox Street 

Nancy Renn 

Betsy Jean 
Ledford, Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. (Cora) 

4606 Hope Valley Road 

Lee, Mrs. T. W. (Clara)* 

811 Onslow Street 

Leftwich, Mr. Wayne B. 

1009 Minerva Avenue 

Leitner, Miss Nell S. 

1502 Ruffin Street 







* Member of W. S. C. S. 
** Member of W. S. G. 

— 16- 

Leitner, Dr. and Mrs. William A. (Lundena) 

949 Lambeth Circle 286-7028 

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert M. (Dorothy)* 

63 Beverly Drive 489-2208 

Lewis, Mrs. Malcolm ( Elite Ford)* 

1002 West Trinity Avenue 682-1657 

Lindsay, Mrs. J. T. (Daisey)* 

Methodist Retirement Home 286-2273 

Lindsay, Mr. and Mrs. George L. (Gladys)* 

103 East Lavender Street 477-7581 

Long, Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. (Ruth)* 

1421 Woodland Drive 286-4594 

Long, Mr. and Mrs. Albert A., Jr. (Jackie) 

1419 Woodland Drive 286-4906 

Long, Mrs. J. Arthur (Lonnie)* 

711 Arnette Avenue 383-1543 

Long, Mrs. Richard (Margaret) 

1418 Broad Street 286-0286 

Long, Mr. Russell 

711 Arnette Avenue 383-1543 

Love, Mr. and Mrs. John R., Jr. (Martha) 

1842 Forest Road 286-6791 

Lovette, Mrs. E. H. (Mildred)* 

2121 Pershing Street 286-8294 

Jenifer Lee 

Artie Joy 

Amanda Louise 

Edd Hagga, Jr. 
Lyon, Mr. and Mrs. J. BUtunt (Catherine) 

1817 Hillcrest Drive 286-9482 

Jesse Blount, II 
Lyon, Mr. and Mrs. John Fleming (Sarah) 

Route 1, Bahama, N. C 477-6500 

Lyon, Mr. and Mrs. Zack W. (Evelyn)* 

3825 Summerset Drive— Hope Valley 489-^951 

Evelyn Taylor 

Frank Fuller, II 

— M — 

McAllister, Mr. William H. 

314 Dacian Avenue 681-6390 

McCarson, Mrs. Anna 

4417 Ryan Street 477-4639 

McCauley, Mr. Thomas H. 

1422 Dollar Avenue 286-2520 

McClees, Mrs. Ethel 

1106 Burch Avenue 489-0201 

McClees, Mrs. Mamie S. 

512 Watts Street, Apartment 4 688-0605 

McConnell, Dr. and Mrs. Owen L. (Pat) 

2808 Butner Street 477-5178 

McCotter, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton, Jr. (Margaret)** 

904 Clarendon Street 286-4287 

McCracken, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. (Sarah")* 

Route 1, Box 250-1, Cornwallis Road 489-2421 

Joseph Stuart 

McDade, Mrs. John I. (Hattie) 

1431 Pennsylvania Avenue 286-3446 

McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. (Mary)* 

917 Lancaster Street 286-4377 

McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A., Jr. (Eleanor) 

2109 Ruffin Street 477-5686 

McDuffie, Mr. and Mrs. William C. (Elizabeth")* 

3348 Denise Street 477-7652 

McGhee, Mrs. Mildred H. 

714 Hammond Street 477-5446 

James Brian 
McJunkin, Miss Pearlene** 

2729 Brown Avenue 286-8490 

McKee, Dr. and Mrs. Lewis M. (Helen)* 

3633 Hope Valley Road 489-3262 

McKee, Mr. and Mrs. Paul (Hazel) 

Route 2, Pleasant Green Road 286-3333 

McLain, Dr. and Mrs. John E. G. (Miriam)* 

3209 Rugby Road 489-6558 

John E. G., Jr. 
McLean, Mr. and Mrs. J. Alex (Grace)* 

1606 Sycamore Street 489-9636 

McSwain, Mrs. Joseph A. (Hattie)** 

3214 Oxford Drive 489-9705 

Joseph A., Jr. 

Richard H. 
Maddox, Dr. and Mrs. George (Evelyn) 

2750 McDowell Street 4889-3733 

Maddox, Mrs. M. E. (Mamie) 

1810 Guess Road 286-4156 

Mallison, Mrs. Paul (Jackie)* 

Methodist Retirement Home 286-2273 

Mangum, Mrs. D. L. (Katherine)* 

2301 Chapel Hill Road 489-0948 

Mangum, Mrs. James H. (Valeria) 

2708 Elgin Street 477-5467 

Mann, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Ted (Peggy)* 

Route 2, Cole Mill Road, Box 377 . ...286-2335 

Beverly D. 

Miss Lesley 
Mann, Mrs. W. P. (Myrtle) 

1009 Alma Street 688-8595 

Mansfield, Mr. William F. 

814 Markham Avenue 286-2043 

Mansfield, Horace S. 

814 Markham Avenue 286-2043 

Mansfield, Larry 

814 Markham Avenue 286-2043 

Mansfield, Mr. and Mrs. W. Lee (Bill)* 

1912 James Street 489-2557 

Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Julian R. (Nancy)* 

706 East Forest Hills Boulevard 489-3241 

Florence Crary 
Marley, Mrs. Willard (Lena) 

2511 Cornwallis Road 489-9571 

Frances Jean 
Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Carlos C. (Azzie) 

1013 North Gregson Street 286-9181 

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Ciblon H. 

218 W. Trinity Ave 682-4586 

John C. 

Lawson Wescott 

Ralph Deryl 

Robert Leyland 
Martin, Mrs. L. G. (Lois) 

Route 2, North Willowhaven Drive .... 477-2682 

Matheson, Mr. and Mrs. Cy R. (Hilda) 

1202 Welcome Circle 489-9681 

Martindale, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall J. (Margaret) 

621 Ruby Street 477-5860 

Massey, Mr. and Mrs. Norman (Virginia) 

103 E. Woodridge Drive 489-5179 

Virginia Louise 
Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Callie H. (Mary) 

907 Demerius Street 286-1684 

Mathes, Mrs. Ruth 

1204 E. Club Boulevard 477-5814 


Mattox, Mr. and Mrs. William R. (Eunice)** 

3303 Rugby Road 489-6164 

Maxwell, Miss 

142 Pinecrest Road 489-8491 

Maxwell, Miss Jane Meredith 

142 Pinecrest Road 489-8491 

Maxwell, Susan D. (married) 

Member of W. S. C. S. 
* Member of W. S. G. 


Means, Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. (Genevieve)** 

1307 Carroll Street 489-9634 

Cheryl Ann 
Merritt, Miss Gertrude 

1028 Monmouth Avenue 682-3741 

Metcalf, Mrs. Norman E. (Metta)* 

2427 Pickett Road 489-3661 

Miles, Mr. Hall B. 

206 Murray Avenue— Box 8013 477-5136 

Miles, Mr. and Mrs. William P. (Peggy) 

Route 1, Cambridge Road 489-9074 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. George (Eula)* 

2701 Augusta Drive 489-7371 

Mims, Mc and Mrs. Dewey S. (Eleanor)* 

1026 Westwood Drive 489-2272 

Minah, Mr. Glenn Ernest 

2117 Club Boulevard 286-1562 

Mincey, Mrs. Warren (Anne) 

603 Watts Street— Apartment No. 3 .... 383-8413 
Mitchell, Miss Fannie Y.** 

Alastair Court Apartments 286-3581 

Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Winston E. (Marian)* 

3407 Windsor Way 479-6806 

Anne Gaddy 
Moore, Mrs. Mable 

513 Jackson Street 

Morgan, Miss Evelyn** 

821 Demerius Street 286-4090 

Mortland, Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon L. (Lucille)* 

1808 Sunset Avenue 286-37882 

Morton, Miss Annie D. 

2013 Woodrow Street 

Musselwhite, Miss Joyce 

820 Demerius Street 286-0152 

Myers, Mrs. H. E. (Rosa)* 

141 Pinecrest Road 489-7867 

Myers, Miss Minnie 

204 Buchanan Bouleard 

— N — 

Nabers, Mrs. Clarence D. (Nell)** 

No. 6 Alastair Court Apts 286-4165 

C. D., Jr. 
Nesic, Dr. and Mrs. A. S. (Melina) 

1722 Duke University Road 489-2639 

New, Mr. and Mrs. Morton R. (Flora) 

Apartment 14, 501 E. Main Street .681-7864 
Newell, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. (Frances) 

3115 Ridge Road 

Newsom, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur I. (Cora) 

2607 Ashe Street 

Noell, Mrs. Algernon S. (Marjorie) 

2120 Englewood Avenue 286-9876 

John W. 

{Catherine C. 
Noell, Mrs. E. Speed (Mary) 

310 West Markham Avenue 682-1610 

Robert Norman 
North, Miss Martha Lee 

1000 Lamond Avenue 682-4252 

Northcutt, Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. (Judelle)* 

2215 Prince Street 489-7303 

Norton, Mr. and Mrs. Allyn S. (Daisy)** 

1405 Pennsylvania Avenue 286-3774 

William I. 
Nunn, Mr. F. B. 

607 Milton Avenue 

— o - 

Ogburn, Mrs. B. R. (Mary) 
1711 Chapel Hill Street 


Olson, Mrs. Adelaide B. 

806 West Markham Avenue 

Overton, Mrs. Ernest G. (Rena)** 

1024 Minerva Avenue 688-2802 

— P — 

Parfitt, Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. (Myra)* 

2605 Carver Street 477-3933 


Henry E., II 

Parker, Miss Wixie** 

1207 Watts Street — Apt. 3 682-5179 

Parks, Mrs. D. H. (Catherine) 

3110 Buckingham Road 489-9334 

Paschall, Mr. Mallie J., Jr. 

1015 Arnette Avenue 682-1570 

Pate, Mr. and Mrs. Deams Ottis, Jr. (Martha) 

3631 Hope Valley Road 489-9487 

Pate, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse (Ruth) 

2308 Stuart Drive 489-4256 

Pate, Mrs. Robert H. (Marguerite) 

1316 Norton Street 286-1714 

Patterson, Mrs. Nellie B.* 

1422 Dollar Avenue 286-2520 

Paylor, Miss Christine 

206 East Trinity Avenue 682-6016 

Pearce, Mrs. Annie M. 

413 Morris Street 682-5081 

Pearce, Mr. and Mrs. James H., Jr. (Hazel)* 

1008 Sycamore Street 489-3247 

Peel, Mr. and Mrs. Garland O. (Beulah)* 

1417 Dollar Avenue 286-2503 

Peele, Dr. Talmage L. 

K-2-D University Apartments 489-3589 

Pendergraft, Mrs. L. B. (Elizabeth) 

Hamstead Court 489-2937 

Penny, Mr. Jack B. 

1310 Shepherd Street 489-6108 

Penny, Mrs. J. M. (Annie) 

1932 Wake Forest Road 

Penny, Mrs. O. R. (Edith) 

2318 West Club Boulevard 286-9271 

Perkinson, Miss Helen M. 

208 West Trinity Avenue 383-2641 

Petteway, Mrs. Edna L. 

2000 Cedar Street 489-2210 

Warren Bernard, Jr. 
Pettv, Mrs. W. P. (Evelyn) 

1702 Sprunt Avenue 286-1395 

Phelps, Mr. and Mrs. James A. (Mary) 

2004 Cedar Street 489-7961 

Phelps, Mr. and Mrs. Leland R. (Ruth) 

2255 Cranford Road 489-6278 


Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. C. Eugene, Jr. (Leonal 

1307 Virginia Avenue 286-1009 

Pickard, Mrs. R. H. (Emily)** 

1025 Gloria Avenue 682-3610 

Robert W. 
Pickett, Mr. and Mrs. A. Mangum (Virginia) 

2628 Chapel Hill Road 489-7922 

Audrey Pell 

Mangum A. 
Pierson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. (Hazel) 

1206 Watts Street 286-7279 

Pifer, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence B. (Mildred)* 

2202 University Drive 489-8652 

* Member of W. S. C. S. 
** Member of W. S. G. 


Pifer, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. (Mildred) 

3817 Summerset Drive 489-3863 


Judith Ann 

James Lewis 
Pifer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. A. (Mildred) 

2218 Shoreham Street 489-0206 

Pike, Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. (Dorothy)* 

2932 Welcome Drive 489-2816 

Pittenger, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Marion) 

3215 Mossdale 489-9639 

Pittman, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert M. (Hazel) 

406 Knox Street 682-8850 

Jane L. 

Pleasant, Miss Martha Ann 

302 South Gregson Street 688-9301 

Poole, Mrs. Ivey T. (Louise)* 

1302 North Duke Street 286-5739 

Poole, Mr. I. Talmage 286-5739 

Porter, Mrs. J. R. (Lynn) 

713 Knox Street 286-5444 

Postlethwait, Dr. and Mrs. Raymond W. (Mary) 

1513 Pinecrest Road 489-2431 

Margaret E. 

Mina Butler 

Raymond W., Jr. 

William Eugene 
Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E. (Betsy) 

3609 Hathaway Road 489-7232 

Poythress, Miss Adele* 

914 Dacian Avenue 684-1145 

Poythress, Mrs. Beulah 

914 Dacian Aenue 684-1145 

Poythress, Mr. William W. 

914 Dacian Avenue 684-1145 

Preddy, Mrs. Charles R. (Alice)* 

1507 Bellevue Avenue 

Preddy, Mr. Charles R., Jr. 

1309 Virginia Avenue 286-7361 

Pridgen, Mrs. J. D., Jr. (Thelma) 

102 E. Murray Avenue, Box 382 477-6700 

Prince, Mrs. Kemp B. (Maggie) 

2018 Woodrow Street 286-2732 

Prince, Mr. and Mrs. Kemp B., Jr. (Betty)** 

2007 Dartmouth Drive 477-2849 

Proctor, Mrs. A. M. (Delia) 

1500 Edgevale Road 383-6773 

Proctor, Mrs. R. K. (Gladys) 

2013 Wilson Street 286-2354 

Pulliam, Miss Mattie* 

Methodist Retirement Home, Erwin 

Road 286-2273 

— R — 

Ragland, Miss Marie 

102 Erwin Apartments, Buchanan 

Boulevard 383-0092 

Ray, Mrs. Thelma 

602 Gattis Street 489-0101 

Kenneth G. 
Reade, Miss Helen** 

2425 Perkins Road 489-4241 

Reade, Mr. and Mrs. Rhodney Bailey (Maude)* 

1209 Vickers Avenue 688-7162 

Reade, Mr. and Mrs. Rhodney Bailey, Jr. (Betsy)* 

2207 Sparger Road 286-7655 

Reitzel, Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard (Lily) 

923 Monmouth Avenue 682-1716 

James Richard, Jr. 

Rhodes, Mrs. Lizzie B. 

Methodist Retirement Home, Erwin 

Road 286-2273 

Rickman, Mrs. Frances 

721 Holloway Street 

Rigsbee, Mrs. F. J. (Inez) 

514 East Geer Street 682-5147 

Rigsbee, Mrs. W. M. (Ebbie) 

1008 Burch Avenue 489-1612 

Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. Philip D., Jr. (Jeanne) 

1601 Bivins Street 489-2793 

Robertson, Dr. and Mrs. Edwin M. (Isabel)* 

1534 Hermitage Court 489-2120 

Edwin M., Jr. 

Maurice Buckles 
Roberson, Mr. W. Harvey, 2607 Ashe Street 
Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. C. Louis (Polly)* 

3509 Courtland Drive 489-2752 

Anne Gray 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Randal (Marella)* 

4816 Stafford Drive 286-9585 

Rodenhizer, Mrs. Harry E. (Hazel)* 

604 Watts Street 383-2074 

Rodenhizer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry E., Jr. (Doris) 

604 Watts Street 383-2074 

Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. (Mary) 

615 East Maynard Avenue 477-5418 

Rogers, Mr. Russell L. 

2122 Sprunt Street 286-2997 

Rowe, Mrs. G. T. (Minnie)* 

150 Pinecrest Road 489-6404 

Mr. Theodore 
Royal, Mrs. Gladys H.* 

2112 Summit Street, Box 1767 489-4128 

Russell, Mr. Woodrow F. 

Rtoute 1, New Chapel Hill Boulevard 489-9372 
Rutherford, Mrs. R. J. (Blanche) 

1025 Monmouth Avenue, Apt. 4 684-8531 

Rutherford, Mr. and Mrs. R. J., Jr.* 

1900 Glendale Avenue 682-3311 

Rutledge, Mrs. John H. (Nina) 

110 Watts Street 682-2757 

— S — 

Sanders, Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard (Virginia) 

103 Pinecrest Road 489-4230 

Nancy V. 

Martha F. 
Sasser, Mr. and Mrs. Louis L., Jr. (Carolyn)* 

1066 West Forest Hills Boulevard .... 489-4203 
Satterfield, Mr. Albert J. 

G-2-B University Apartments 489-8656 

Satterfield, Miss Annie* 

1204 North Mangum Street 682-2471 

Satterfield, Mr. and Mrs. Ira E.* 

204 Pineview Road 489-3129 

Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. J. C, Jr. (Page)* 

3609 Westover Road 489-2666 


Saylor, Dr. and Mrs. John H. (Lettie)* 

2500 Perkins Road 489-2177 

Seeley, Dr. and Mrs. Walter J. (Emetta)* 

1005 Urban Avenue 286-4135 

Self, Mr. and Mrs. William (Barbara) 

Route 2, Box 32-A 477-4926 

Semans, Mrs. James H. (Mary)* 

1415 Bivins Street 489-5194 

Mary Duke Trent 

Barbara Biddle Trent 

* Member of W. S. C. S. 
** Member of W. S. G. 


Sessoms, Miss Louise, P. O. Box 1463 
Sharpe, Mrs. Merle B. (Lelia) 

809 Demerius Street 286-2882 

Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Ormond O. (Lucy)** 

1620 North Duke Street 286-1718 

Shears, Mrs. R. M. (Mable) 

1405 Woodland Drive 286-3898 

Shelburn, Mrs. A. E. (Mary) 

Kings Daughters Home, 204 Buchanan 

Blvd 684-3981 

Shelburn, Mr. Edgar 

3006 Shaftsbury Drive 477-4314 

Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. Hoyle A. (Priscilla)* 

Route 1, Erwin Road 489-2401 

Freddie Sanders 

Sherman, Mrs. Allen P. (Olive)* 

2122 Pershing Street 286-1056 

Shields, Mr. Ira W. 

226 Dacian Avenue, Box 846 383-1131 

Shields, Mr. and Mrs. John H. (Mary) 

1315 Vickers Avenue 489-1307 

Shipp, Mr. and Mrs. W. Lewis (Carolyn)* 

1303 Virginia Avenue 286-0193 


Lewis, Jr. 
Shockley, Miss Iva E., 2729 Brown Avenue 
Shoemaker, Mr. and Mrs. Paul (Sally) 

2004 Pershing Street 286-1796 

Sides, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. (Louise) 

1605 Sedgefield Street, Apt. A 286-9455 

Robert, Jr. 

Sieker, Dr. and Mrs. Herbert O. (Dorothy)* 

204 Forestwood Drive 489-9041 


Sigley, Mr. Herbert S. (Grace) 

1422 Woodland Drive 286-9304 

Slattery, Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. (Elizabeth) 

1514 Hermitage Court 489-3263 

Slaughter, Mrs. R. J. (Mary) 

105 Davidson Street 477-7964 

Sligh, Mr. Allen D. 

1809 Bivins Street 489-2258 

Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Albert G. (Harriet)* 

3831 Summerset Drive 489-9896 

Smith, Miss Ada L., 837 Wilkerson Avenue 
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. Charles (Brownie) 

3208 Ridge Road 489-2753 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. Graham, Jr. (Jean)* 

1118 Woodburn Road 489-9801 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Lois V. (Kathleen)* 

2508 Pickett Road 489-1862 

Gary L. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. (Lily)* 

216 East Markham Avenue 682-4112 

Smith, Miss Elsie 

Farrington Road, P. O. Box 2453 
Smith, Miss Marie 

Farrington Road, P. O. Box 2453 
Smith, Mr. Norman R. 

1206 Clarendon Street 286-4144 

Smith, Mrs. Oras C. (Katie)** 

4 Glenn Apartments, Dacian Avenue .. 682-1048 
Smith, Miss Randle 

1021 Minerva Avenue 682-2890 

Smith, Mrs. R. W. (Nettie) 

16-20 Duke University Road 489-8596 

Snipes, Mrs. E. M. (Daisy)* 

Apartment 2, 1021 Minerva Avenue .... 682-2890 

Sorrell, Mr. and Mrs. Donnie A. (Fannie)* 

1410 Bivins Street 489-9613 

Sorrels, Mrs. Charles (Ann) 

2412 Tampa Avenue 286-3505 

Spangler, Mr. and Mrs.' Jack (Louise) 

119 Chateau Road, Box 8113 477-4201 

Spann, Mr. and Mrs. William C. (Carolyn) 

1011 Dacian Avenue 682-2406 

Spears, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall T., Sr. (Estelle)* 

501 Watts Street 684-8151 

Spears, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall T., Jr. (Sally) 

2105 Englewood Avenue 286-9776 

Linda Leslie 

Susan Flowers 
Spence, Mrs. H. E. (Bessie) 

Methodist Retirement Home, Erwin 

Road - 286-8641 

Spicer, Mrs. E. C. (Sarah Anne) 

2421 Banner Street 477-7189 

Stallings, Dr. and Mrs. June H., Jr. (Anne)* 

No. 1 Alastair Court Apts., Swift Ave. 286-4000 
Stephens, Mrs. Fred H. (Nan)* 

Hillcrest Nursing Home, Pettigrew Street 

Stephens, Mr. Fred H., Jr. 

900 Urban Avenue 286-2528 

Stevens, Miss Gloria** 

Four Seasons Apartment No. 24, 2007 

House Avenue 489-4437 

Stephenson, Mrs. Hershel (Carol) 

815 Green Street 286-8104 

Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall (Pearl) 

Route 1, Box 157 
Stokes, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A., Jr. (Peggy)* 

3502 Manford Drive 489-2197 

Storey, Mr. Shepherd D. 

2215 Arrington Drive, Box 8565 .... 489-3902 
Strayhorn, Mrs. W. F. (Lacy) 

1007 Urban Avenue 
Strayhorn, Mr. and Mrs. William F., Jr. (Nellie) 

918 Nancy Street 682-4418 

W. F., Ill 
Suggs, Mr. and Mrs. T. Lacy (Beatrice)* 

1307 Clarendon Street 286-7223 

Sutherland, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C. (Mazelle) 

2415 Banner Street 477-5510 

Swain, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. (Annie) 

2204 Englewood Avenue 286-2850 

Swain, Mrs. E. R. (Ruth) 

508 Milton Avenue 489-2132 


Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Chester R. (Elizabeth) 

1009 Sycamore Street 489-9264 


Taylor, Mr. H. Clyde 

822 Lancaster Street 286-5969 

Teer, Mr. and Mrs. R. Dillard (Mildred)* 

43 Beverly Drive 489-2178 

Marvin Roycroft 

Frances Pamela 
Teer, Mrs. W. H. (Mollie)* 

1007 Urban Avenue 286-2671 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. (Elizabeth) 

121 West Lynch Street 383-0912 

Thomas, Miss Frances** 

121 West Lynch Street 383-0912 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Norwood A., Sr. (Virginia)* 

1101 West Knox Street 286-7541 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Norwood A., Jr. (Carolyn)* 

3500 Sheridan Drive 489-4855 

** Member of W. S. G. 
* Member of W. S. C. S. 


Thomas, Mrs. W. G. (Louise)* 

2801 Shoreham Street _ 489-5191 

Elizabeth Ann 
Thompson, Mrs. A. R. (Doris) 

610 Watts Street 682-6820 

Robert, Jr. 
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil B. (Erma)* 

806 Onslow Street 286-1141 

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. (Anne)* 

212 Monticello Avenue 489-2495 

Thompson, Mrs. N. W. (Ethel) 

711 Wilkerson Avenue 
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. (Betty)* 

2618 Pickett Road 489-8518 

Robert, Jr. 
Thornton, Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. (Pat) 

2017 Wilson Street 286-0059 



Tilley, Mrs. Hoyt (Evelyn) 

1106 North Duke Street 286-3421 

Thomas A. 
Tilley, Mrs. Mala J.,* 

Kings Daughters Home 

204 Buchanan Boulevard 682-8577 

Toms, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Jr. (Edith)* 

914 Vickers Avenue 383-7111 

Toms, Mr. Clinton White, III 

810 Clarendon Street 286-9621 

Toms, Mr. George 

3517 Darwin Road 489-3512 

Truesdale, Dr. and Mrs. James N. (Adelaide)* 

105 Pinecrest Road 489-6850 

Robert S. 

Carolyn Elizabeth 
Trull, Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. (Margaret) 

1906 University Drive 489-3234 

Turner, Mrs. Arlin (Thelma) 

1115 Woodburn Road 489-6119 

Jack Sherrill 
Turner, Miss Fannie B. 

1013 Watts Street 

Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. (Ganelle) 

2002 Woodland Drive 477-5564 

Olivia Kay 
Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney B. (EvadelD* 

902 Vickers Avenue 688-9452 

Turrentine, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey D. (Alda) 

2526 Indian Trail 286-4683 

Aubrey Danny, Jr. 

Thomas Leo 
Tyor, Mrs. M. P. (Anne) 

810 East Forest Hills Boulevard 489-2661 

Regina Lynn 

Jacquelyn Ann 

— U — 

Umberger, Mrs. J. C. (Beulah)* 

Fogleman Rest Home, Route 5, Box 343-D 
Umstead, Mr. and Mrs. Ben L. (Maude)* 

2934 Ridge Road 489-8626 

Umstead, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene (Eugenie) 

1506 Oakland Avenue 286-1678 

Umstead, Miss Kate 

1001 Watts Street 286-4561 

Umstead, Miss Lucy 

1001 Watts Street 286-4561 

Umstead, Percy 

1001 Watts Street _ 286-4561 

Umstead, Mr. B. Hampton 

1001 Watts Street 286-4561 

Umstead, Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. (Eleanor)* 

2405 Club Boulevard 286-9157 

Umstead, Mrs. Randolph 

1200 Leon, Apt. A-7 477-8509 

Upchurch, Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. (Wilhelmina) 

809 Buchanan Boulevard 286-5084 

Upchurch, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver W. (Helen)* 

1110 Minerva Aenue 682-1675 

Carol K. 
Upchurch, Mrs. W. M. (Minnie)* 

304 Watts Street 684-7712 

— V — 

Vaughan, Mr. and Mrs. William T. (Mary)* 

2305 Prince Street 489-3136 

Carolyn Hickman 

William Thomas, Jr. 
Veasey, Mr. and Mrs. Luther R. (Leila) 

3304 West Sprunt Street 286-4548 

Verell, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. (Mary H.) 

1308 Leon Street, Apartment A 477-8626 

Vick, Mrs. G. W. (Annie)* 

2608 University Drive 489-3920 

Vick, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin W. (Lois)* 

2606 University Drive 489-3829 

Vickers, Mrs. Zack (Mary) 

1707 Chapel Hill Road 489-6331 

— W — 

Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. (Moonyeen)* 

2016 Woodrow Street 286-9640 

Walker, Dr. and Mrs. L. C. (Elise) 

3406 Denise Street 477-5189 

Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. (Alice)* 

2114 Club Boulevard 286-9889 



Thomas Stuart 
Wannamaker, Mr. and Mrs. Scovill (Madge)* 

Poplar Apartments, 708 Louise 

Circle 286-2785 

Ware, Mrs. Ronald E. (Bessie) 

1114 Hillandale Road 286-9379 

Warren, Mr. Jerome M. 

3106 Buckingham Road 489-9395 

Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Jack (Molly)* 

1125 Anderson Street 489-2823 

Weatherspoon, Mrs. C. A. (Hallie) 

513 Hugo Street 477-6856 

Webb, Miss Cornelia* 

Bland Apartments, Minerva Avenue .... 682-3132 
Wehmeier, Mrs. Janice, 121 West Lynch Street 

Miss Beverly 
West, Mr. and Mrs. John James, Jr. (Martha 

Love), 1401 Colewood Ave. 286-4826 

West, Miss Leila* 

822 Lancaster Street 286-5969 

West, Miss Leila* 

822 Lancaster Street 286-5969 

Weynand, Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Jean)* 

1208 Welcome Circle 489-9546 

Whanger, Dr. and Mrs. Allen D. (Mary)* 

415 Green Street 
Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. (Annie) 

1319 Watts Street 286-1185 

Martha Anne 

Paul Marie 
Whitaker, Miss Dora 

516 South Duke Street 383-0222 

Whitaker, Mr. Walter B., Jr. 

516 South Duke Street 383-0222 

* Member of W. S. C. S. 

* Member of W. S. C. S. 

—21 — 

Whitaker, Miss Elizabeth 

1305 Duke University Road 

Whitaker, Mr. and Mrs. Felix M. (Edna) 

816 Wilkerson Avenue 383-4151 

Whitaker, Mrs. R. C. (Dierdrea) 

214 East Markham Avenue 383-5053 

Keith W. 
Alan Kent 
Kathryn Kay 
White, Mr. F. W. (Frank) 

1609 North Duke Street 286-2055 

White, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. (Beulah) 

909 Buchanan Boulevard 286-1788 

Joseph A., Jr. 
White, Mrs. R. A. (Willou)** 

212 Watts Street 682-1771 

White, Miss Sara Lou** 

212 Watts Street 682-1771 

White, Miss Julia** 

212 Watts Street 682-1771 

White, Miss Pearl 

212 Watts Street 682-1771 

White, Miss Lillian, 903 Clarendon Street 
White, Mrs. O. J. (Myrtle)* 

Methodist Retirement Home, Erwin 

Road 286-8208 

White, IVJr. and Mrs. Tom S., Jr. (Mary)* 

804 Hermitage Court Dr 489-3240 

Thomas S., Ill 
Carlyle Council 
Mary Frances 

Whitford, Mr. and Mrs. William E. (Lola)* 

146 Pinecrest Road 489-5120 

Jerry Lee 

Mary Susan 
Whitley, Mrs. George P. (Ethel)* 

2828 Stuart Drive 489-4144 

Whitley, Mr. and Mrs. Ray R. (Bessie)* 

1016 1 /2 Minerva Avenue 682-5189 

Whitman, Mr. and Mrs. Donald (Ruth) 

3445 Sheridan Drive 

Whitted, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh E. (Roxie) 

2613 Elgin Street 477-5239 

Whitten, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Byrd (Virgie) 

304 South Gregson Street 688-2654 

Wilkerson, Mr. and Mrs. C. Cecil (Mattie) 

1209 Alabama Avenue 286-1010 

Wilkinson, Mrs. Howard Charles (Juanita)* 

2021 Campus Drive 489-9612 

Scott Ruddell 

Melinda Faye 

Williams, Mr. James A. 

405 Swift Avenue 286-8697 

Williams, Mrs. Martha 

2021 Sprunt St. 

Williams, Miss Annie John** 

2021 Sprunt Street 286-2713 

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley (Lola) 

405 Carolina Circle 489-2902 

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. James T. (Ethel) 

219 Knox Circle 383-4801 

James T., Jr. 

John V. 
Willianjs, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. (Frankie)** 

2509 Wilbon 477-5357 

Kenneth E. 

Roberta Maye 

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. W. Alfred (Margaret)* 

704 E. Forest Hills Boulevard 489-3167 

George S. 
Margaret Gibbons 
Williams, W. Alex, Route 2, Box 202-A-2 
Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. 

809 North Street 682-3931 

Wilson, Miss Dorothy** 

2205 Englewood Avenue 286-2848 

Wilson, Miss Elizabeth 

2205 Englewood Avenue 286-2848 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank (Anne) 

Argonne Hills, 114 Chateau Road .... 477-6736 
Wilson, Mrs. R. H. (Nannie) 

1405 Carolina Avenue 286-2701 

Wilson, Mrs. W. A., Jr. (Callie)* 

510 Buchanan Boulevard 688-3681 

Winberry, Mrs. L. K. (Betsy) 

2506 Wilbon * 477-5203 

Windham, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey B. (Cordia)* 

408 Hugo Street 477-5226 

Wolfe, Mrs. T. D. (Rose) 

2023 Pershing Street 286-1421 

Womble, Mrs. Katherine Smith 

Farrington Road, P. O. Box 2453, West 

Durha*m Station 

Womble, Mrs. John O. (Lucille) 

808 Parker Street 682-5139 

John Linwood 
Wood, Mrs. Eugene S. (Sally)* 

1417 Ruffin Street 286-2576 

Woods, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. (Emma) 

1409 North Duke Street 286-2926 

Miss Wanda Toy 
Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. John L. (Elizabeth) 

1020 Minerva Avenue 681-6463 

Katherine Sue 
John Charles 
Thomas Michael 

— Y 

Yarbrough, Mrs. Edwin S. (Nellie)* 

1607 Hermitage Court 489-4154 

Yarbrough, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S., Jr. (Doreen) 

3225 Surrey Road 489-3148 





Emily Elliott 
Yarley, Dr. and Mrs. Dewey H. 

1301 Shepherd Street 682-1729 

Young, Mrs. T. W. (Nellie) 

Apartment 4, Bickett, North Gregson 

Street 682-1221 

Young, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W., Jr. (Elizabeth)* 

1018 Southwood Drive 489-1376 

Nancy Gayle 

Z — 

Zimmerman, Mr. J. Lawrence 
1500 Edgevale Road 


Member of W. S. C. S. 
* Member of W. S. G. 






Whatever your age; whatever your need; whatever 
your interest — Duke Memorial has a program of 
worship, education, fellowship and service for you! 
This directory is presented with the hope that it 
may be of inspiration and service to all concerned; 
as a guide in fulfilling your need and interest. 




504 W. Chapel Hill Street 

Durham, N. C. 

This Supplement is the first of what is planned as 
an annual Supplement to the current Church Directory 
(1966). It is intended to give to the membership of 
the church information that changes from year to year, 
so that the Church Directory will remain more useful 
over the years. It is hoped that this Supplement 
will be kept with the Church Directory for the use 
and information of the congregation. 


Worship Services 


11:00 A.M. 7:30 P.M. 


7:30 P.M. 

(A nursery is provided during the 11:00 A.M. 
Service for pre-school children.) 

Sacrament of The Holy Communion 

9:15 A.M. each First Sunday in the month 
11:00 A.M. at regular intervals during the year, 
and on special occasions. 

Church School 

9:45 A.M. Classes for all ages 

5:45 P.M. Junior High Methodist Youth 

Senior High Methodist Youth 


Choir Rehearsals 

8:45 A.M. Sunday - Jr. High School Choir 

4:45 P.M. Sunday - Sr. High School Choir 

3:00 P.M. Wednesday- Primary Choir 

3:30 P.M. Wednesday- Junior Choir 

7:30 P.M. Thursday - Adult Choir 

Board and Commission Meetings 

Official Board: 7:45 P.M. 

Tuesday after 1st Sunday 

Visitation Committee: 6:00 P.M. 

Third Wednesday 

Education Commission: 7:45 P.M. 

Fourth Tuesday 

Finance Commission: 6:00 P.M. 

Fourth Wednesday 

Meetings of Other Organizations 

Woman's Society of Christian Service - Second Monday 

Spiritual Life: 11:00 A.M. 

General Meeting: 11:30 A.M. 

Luncheon: 12:30 P.M. 

13 Circles meet on each of several 
days and at convenient times to 
meet the needs of the women of 
the church. 

Methodist Men: 6:00 P.M. 

Tuesday after 1st Sunday 

Scout Program 

Cub Pack #413 Meeting: 4th Thursday night 

Boy Scouts #13 Meeting: Thursday?! 7:00 P.M. 
Explorers Post #413 Meeting :Thursdays 8:00 P.M. 

Brownie Troop #718 Mondays 3:00 P.M. 

Girl Scout Troop #175 Tuesdays 3:30 P.M. 

Girl Scout Troop #102 Tuesdays 3:30 P.M. 

Girl Scout Troop #113 Wednesdays 3:45 P.M 

Girl Scout Troop #359 Thursdays 3:30 P.M. 


Officers 1965-1966 


Vice Chairman 



Treasurer Bldg, Fund- 

Dr. John Glasson 
Mr. Dillard Teer 
Miss Charlotte Corbin 
Mr, R. B. Reade 
Mr. C. J. Jones 

Ex-Officio Members 

Church Lay Leader 
President W.S.C.S. 
President Methodist Men 
Church School Supt. 
Chrmn. Commission on Edu. 
Chrmn. Commission on Missions 
Chrmn. Commission 

Stewardship & Finance 
Chrmn. Commission Evangelism 
Chrmn, Commission Social 

Lay Member Annual Conference 
Lay Member Annual Conference 
Res, Lay Member Annual Conf, 
Res, Lay Member Annual Conf. 
President M.Y.F. 
Associate Minister 

Dr, John Glasson 
'Mrs. A„H. Borland 
Mr. S, L, Mortland 
Mr* W, E. Whit ford 
Dr, Earl I. Brown, I I 
Mrs . James Cannon 

Mr, J. A, McLean 
Mr, Horace Fowler 

Mr, Charles Chewning 
Mr . J ► H . Coman 
Gen. J.W. Holsinger 
John Dozier 
Mr. M.T. Spears, Sr. 
Mr, Eddie Haywood 
Rev, W.B. Petteway 
Rev. W.Warren Bishop 

Honorary Stewards 
Mrs, Maude Dunn Mr. C.N. Hibberd 

Mr, C.B. Pifer 

Other Ministers 

Ruby Bailey David G. Bradley Robert T. Osborn 
Retired Ministers 

Dr. H. E. Myers 

Dr, H. E. Spence 

Elected Stewards 

Term Expires 1966 

Term Expires 1967 

Mr. T. E. Allen Mr. 

Mr, J. C, Berry Mr. 

Mr, W, J, Berry, Jr. Mr. 

Dr. C. Fred Clark, Jr. Mr. 

Mr. E. W. Coffin Mrs 

Mr. J. W, Cole Mr. 

Dr. George L. Crane Mrs 

Mr. E. C. Dameron Mr. 

Mrs. T, H. Daniel Mrs 

Mrs. Cliff Dickson Mr. 

Miss Anne Garrard Mis 

Mr, W. K. Howard Dr. 
Mrs, George Kale ( Mr. 

Mr. Arthur Knight Mrs 

Mr. Zack Lyon Mr. 

Mr , Dewey S , Mims Mr . 

Dr. W. J. Seeley Dr. 

Mr, M. T. Spears, Jr. Mr. 

Mr. Dillard Teer Mis 
Mr. Thomas B. Walker 
Mr. E. S. Yarbrough, Jr. 

Irving Allen 

W. E. Alley 

J. H. Barton 

Norwood Carroll 
. V. A. Cole 

Marcus Copelan 
. Preston Fowler 

D. C. Hall 
. Frances Harvey 

Harold Lamm 
s Beulah Latta 

J. P. McCracken 

George Miller 
. W. P. Petty 

C. E. Phillips, Jr. 

L. V. Smith 

T. A. Stokes, Jr. 

Edgar S. Toms, Jr. 
s Dorothy Wilson 


Term ExDires 1966 

Term Expires 1967 

Mr. E. W. Dunham 
Mr. C. N. Hibberd 
Mrs. James Semans 

Mr. J. H. Coman 
Mr. C. J. Jones 
Dr. Charles E. Jordan 

Elected Stewards 

Term Expires 1968 

Term Expires 19-69 

Mr. S. J, Angier 

Mr, Richard Boddie 

Mr , Frank Bowers 

Mr , Carl Burton 

Mr, A, L, Carver 

Mr. Jack Cliff 

Mr. T, S, Coble, Jr. 
Miss Charlotte Corbin 

Mr. Jack Featherston 

Mr, J, S, Heizer 

Mr, H, M, Lewis 

Mr. A, A, Long, Jr. 

Mr, W, F, Mansfield 

Mr, S, L. Mortland 

Dr, Edwin Robertson 

Mr. C. Louis Robinson 

Mr . Harry Rodenhizer 

Mr. Louis Sasser, Jr. 

Dr. June Stallings, Jr, 

Mr. Norwood Thomas, Sr, 

Mr. T. S. White, Jr. 
Miss Annie John Williams 

Mrs. N. D. Bitting 

Mr. A, G. Buehler 

Mr. Rex Cowan 
Mrs, F, R, Dark is 

Mr, John Dozier 

Mr, Zane Eargle 

Mr. R. S. Howell 

Mr, Norman Massey 

Mr, C, R, Matheson 

Mr, Richard Means 

Dr. Charles Mengel 

Mr. R. T, A, Pifer 

Mr. B, E. Powell 

Mr. R. S.. Slattery 

Dr. Albert C Smith 

Mr, Donnie Sorrell 

Mr. R, L. Thompson 

Mr* Jack Watts 

Mr. Robert Weynand 


Term ExDires 1968 

Mr . E . C . Brooks , Jr . 
Mr, Marion B. Fowler 
Mr. M. T, Spears, Sr, 



Dr. Earl I, Brown, II, Chairman 

Dr. Samuel Holton Mr. Robert Thompson 

Mrs. T. S. Coble, Jr, Mrs. Rex Cowan 

Mr. Harold Lamm Mrs. Jack Featherston 

Mrs. Charles Byerly Mrs. George Kale 

Ex-Off icio members : W. B. Petteway, W. Warren 

Bishop, Mrs. John Glasson, Dr. John Glasson, 

Mr. W. E. Whitford, Tom McCauley, Mr. T. S. Coble, 

Mrs. John Dozier, Mr. Jack Cliff, Mrs. Jane 

Sullivan, W. T. Coman, Eddie Haywood, Mrs. Preston 



Mrs. James Cannon, III, Chairman 

Mrs. V. A. Cole Mrs. Howard Wilkinson 

Mrs. R. L, Thompson Mrs. J. C. Saunders 

Ex-Off icio members : W. B. Petteway, W. Warren 
Bishop, Mrs. A. H. Borland, Dr. John Glasson, 
Mr. W. E. Whitford, Mrs. N. D. Bitting, 
Mrs. Robert Weynand , Miss Wixie Parker 

Stewardship £ Finance 

Mr. J. A. McLean, Chairman 

J. H. Coman Marshall T. Spears, Sr. 

Mrs. A. H. Borland Charles E. Jordan 

T. S. White, Jr. E*.W,. Dunham 

Charles Chewning Donnie Sorrell 

John Dozier Norwood Thomas, Jr. 

Henry Barton Dillard Teer 

Ex-Off icio members : W. B. Petteway, W. Warren 
Bishop, Dr. John Glasson, E. C. Brooks, Jr., 
Mrs. Marguerite Overton, C. J, Jones, R. B. Reade 


Membership £_ Evangelism 

Mr, Horace Fowler, Chairman 

Mr. £ Mrs. Tom Cranford Mr. £ Mrs. D. C. Hall 1 

Mrs. Jack Cliff Mr. £ Mrs. M. J. Copelan 

Mrs. Horace Fowler Gen. £ Mrs. J.W. Holsinger 

Ex-Of f icio members : W. B. Pet te way, W. Warren 
Bishop, Dr. John Glasson, Jack Cliff, Mrs. N. D. 

Christian Social Concerns 

Mr. Charles Chewning, Chairman 

Alfred Williams Mr. T. S. White, Jr. 

Dr. Joseph McCracken Bill Coman 

Ex-Of f icio members : W. B. Petteway, W, Warren 
Bishop, Dr. John Glasson, Mrs, N. A, Thomas," Sr., 
Mrs. N. D. Bitting 


Pastoral Relations ; Mr. Charles Chewning, Chairman 
E. W. Dunham Marshall T. Spears, Sr. 

J. H, Coman Charles E. Jordan 

Records £ History: 

John M. Dozier Mrs. W, A. Kale 

C. J. Jones Ben Powell 

Christian Vocations : Albert A, Long, Jr., Chrmn. 

Wills £_ Legacies : 

Marshall T. Spears, Sr. C. W. Hall 
Thomas S. White, Jr. 

Nominations : Alfred Williams 

John Dozier Marshall T. Spears, Sr. 

C. E. Jordan T. S. White, Jr. 

Committees - 1965-1966 

Audit: A. W. Knight, Chairman 

Norwood Thomas , Sr . 
Church Property: W, K 

J, H. Barton 
J. W. Cole, 
W, T, Coman 
Good Literature: 

Howard, Chairman 
C. N. Hibberd 
W. E. Whit ford 
Mrs. Cliff Dickson 
Mrs. V. A. Cole, Chairman 

Mrs . Shields Harvey 

Mrs. W. P. Petty 

Music: R. T. A. Pifer, Chairman 

W. E. Alley 
C. E. Jordan 
Mrs. W. T. Coman 
Mrs, Preston Fowler 

Louis Robinson 
Jane Sullivan 
Mrs. S. J. Angier 
Mrs. Leland Phelps 

Parsonage Property 6 Furnishings : S.L. Mortland, 

Mrs. T. H. Daniel 
Marcus Copelan 

Mrs . George Kale 
Mrs. A. L. Aydlett 

Ushers : 

W. W. Poythress 
Philip Umstead 
F. M. Whi taker 

Hospitality : 
Jack Cliff 
Tom Coble 


Lois Smith 
Guy Branson 

W. Holsinger, Chairman 

Dr. Earl Brown, II 

Hospitals 6 Homes : 
Dr. Albert~Smith 
Dr. H. 0. Sieker 

Mrs. N. D. Bitting, Chairman 

Mrs . Marshall Spears , Sr 
Dr . George Crane 

Committee on Nomi nations : 
General James W. Holsinger 
Mr, John Dozier 
Mr. R. T. A. Pifer 
Mr. Jack B. Cliff 

Mr. E. C. Dameron 
Mr, Jesse Cole 
Miss Dorothy Wilson 

President Mr. S. L. Mortland 

Vice President Mr. Horace Mansfield 
Secretary Mr, Norwood Thomas, Jr. 

Treasurer Mr, Jack Cliff 


Coordinator Mrs, Lucile Shore Coburn 

Co-Chairmen Mrs, W, A, Barnhill 

Miss Gloria Stevens 


Sarah-Parker Imogene Ausbon, Chairman 

Smith-Angier Mrs, Emily Pickard, Chrmn, 

Wilson-Bradshaw Miss Beulah Latta, Chrmn. 

Read-Coburn Mrs. Clifton McCotter, Jr, 



President : 

1st Vice President: 

2nd Vice President: 

Recording Secretary: 


Asst. Treasurer: 


A. H. Borland 


Zane Eargle 

Mrs . 

Paul Mallison 


W. A. Williams 

Mrs . 

H. M. Lewis 

Mrs . 

C. Fred Clark, Jr 

Secretaries : 

Program Material 
Membership Cultivation: 
Spiritual Life: 
Missionary Education: 
Christian Social 

Local Church Activities 
Campus Ministry : 
Supply Work : 

Mrs. Carl C. James 

Mrs. P. L. Fowler, Jr 

Mrs. W. J. Seeley 

Mrs . Robert Weynand 

Mrs. J. A. McLean 

Mrs. S. L. Mortland 

Mrs . Earl Brown 

Mrs. James Truesdale 

Circle Leaders 

























Mrs. G. P. Whitley 
Mrs . E . W . Dunham 
Mrs. James Cannon 
Mrs,. Charles Chewning 
Mrs. A. L. Cox 
Miss Sadie Jones 
Mrs. June Stall ings 
Mrs. N. D. Bitting 
Mrs. R. S. Howell 
Mrs. R. E. Haywood 
Mrs. Allen Sherman 
Mrs. J. H. Pearce, Jr, 


General Superintendent 

Supt. Children's Division 
Supt. Youth Division 
Supt, Adult Division 
Church School Sect. £ 
Membership Cult, Supt, 
Literature Sec'y, 

Mr. W. E. Whitford 
Mrs. John Glasson 
Mrs. John Dozier 
Mr, T. S. Coble, Jr. 

Mr. Jack B. Cliff 
Mr* Thomas McCauley 

Nursery Home Visitors 

Mrs, E.S. Thompson, Chrmn. Mrs, W, Warren Bishop 
Mrs, Alfred Williams Mrs, Howard Brown 

Nursery Crib and Toddler Rooms 
Mrs. E. C. Spicer Mrs. E. H, Johnson 

Mrs. C. D. Christian, Sub, 

Nursery II 
firs, Thomas B. Walker Mr, £ Mrs. W.B„Guyer 

Nursery I 
Mrs. R, T. A. Pifer Mrs. Dan Hill 
Mrs, Rex Cowan Mrs. Harold Lamm 

Nursery Secretary 
Mrs. Alfred Williams 

Sunday Worship Hour 
Nursery Attendants 
Mrs. Roy B. Harris Miss Helen Reade 

Mrs. Zack Vickers Mrs. Ronald Ware 

Kindergarten II 
Mrs. Carl Burton Mrs. M.J. Martindale 

Miss Ann Pleasant Mrs. Fred Clark 

Kindergarten I 
Mrs, Allen Sherman Mrs. Franklin Harrell 

Mrs. M. C. Sutherland Mrs. Word C. Clark 
Mrs. J. H. Pearce, Sub. 

Elementary I 
Mrs, Joseph McCracken Mrs. Frank Irwin 
Mrs. C. E. Phillips, Jr. Mrs. Jack Hopkins 

Elementary II 
Mrs. Norman Metcalf Mrs. Charles Chewning 
Miss Leila West, Sec'y. 

Elementary III 
Mrs. Thomas Cranford Mrs. H. A. Shepherd 
Mrs. J. V. Hoyle Mrs . Zane Eargle, Music 

Elementary IV 
Mrs. T. L. Cheek, Jr. Mr. Fred Stephens 
Mrs. Lee Mansfield Mrs. James Phelps, Music 

Elementary V 
Mrs. R. F. Boddie Mrs. George Maddox 

Elementary VI 
Miss Mary Canada Mr. J. V. Hoyle 
Miss Mary Park Glasson Miss Vicki Yarbrough 

Elementary IV-VI Sec'y . 
Mrs. Earl Brown 

Seventh Grade 
Mrs. T. S. Coble, Jr. Mr. Bill Lawrence 

Eighth Grade 
Mr. Jerry Whit ford Miss Carolyn Allen 

Ninth Grade 
Mr. George Miller Mr. Larry Emerson 

Junior High Secretary 
Mrs. P. L. Fowler 

Tenth Grade 
Dr. Samuel Holton Mr. R. L. Thompson 

Eleventh Grade 

Mr. Jack Watts Mr. Albert Buehler 

Twelfth Grade 
Mr. Albert Long, Jr. 


Circuit Riders Class: 
Home Builders Class : 
Aldersgate Class : 

Anchor Class: 
Gleaner Class: 

Katie Johnson Class : 

Mrs, R, N. Wilson Class 

Minnie P» Gates Class 

Lillie Duke Class 

Pastor's Aides Class: 

Dr. Earl I. Brown, II, 


Mr. £ Mrs. William Self, 


Dr. H. 0. Sieker, 


Miss Sara Lou White, 


Mrs. R. L. Thompson, 


Rev. Paul Fendt, 


Mrs. J. A. Long, 


Mrs. Holland Holton, 


Mrs, Ernest Overton, 


Mrs. W. P. Petty, 


Mrs. F. R. Darkis, 


Mrs. L. E, Anderson, 


Mrs, James Holsinger, 


Mrs, Ethel Harris, 


Mrs. A. H. Borland, 


Mrs . R , E , Haywood , 


Dr. H. E. Spence, 


Dr. Walter Seeley, 


Budget 1965-1966 

Anticipated Receipts : 

1. Plate collections, Church School, 
special offerings, refund for 

2 . Endowment income 

3 . Pledges 

Anticipated Expenditures : 
For Ourselves : 






Salaries, wages, travel, 

social security $35,935,00 

Lights, heat, water, phone, 

janitor supplies 9,000.00 

Printing, office supplies, 

postage 3,500.00 

Music Program 1,395.00 

Education Program 6,100.00 

Permanent improvements , 

insurance, debt on 

parsonage 5,700.00 

Miscellaneous expenses 1,200.00 

Local Social Service 200.00 


For Others: 

Connectional expenses: 
District Supt. Fund, 
Episcopal Fund, Minimum 
Salary Fund, Conference 
Pensions, Ministers Retire., 
District Expense 
Mission Specials 
Interdenominational Fund 
Benevolences, Conference 
and World Missions 
College Fund